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fredag 28 december 2012

Ol' cunts - Rock'n'roll bastards LP (2007)

Rock'n'roll/Oi! from France
01. We are the cunts
02. No hate
03. My mates
04. Disgrace
05. Don't understand
06. Liberty
07. You're a victim
08. Remember you
09. The rest is history
10. Never spent (Piano!!!)
11. Copper
12. My broken dreams

Released by Les Troubadours Du Chaos in 2007.

Through and through a solid record reminding me about how good early punkrock like Skrewdrivers where when i first got into them. As most times when a band comes from France their English is a bit of sounding somewhat like their Japanese counterparts. But who cares about pronunciation when a band rocks this hard. Only real problem is that it took me 5 years to find out it even existed.
A must have!!

Performing No hate in 2009

lördag 22 december 2012

Crane de fer - Fête Noël 7'' (2006) and season greetings

..and a merry juletide to you all.

 Oi! from France
01. La dérive
02. La fille du père noël
03. Réveillon à malakoff

Released by Chaos En Flandres in 2006.

Appearently i love Christmas songs as long as i don't have to understand the lyrics. Excellent little ep.

söndag 16 december 2012

T.S.T. - No teenage future LP (1982)

Punk from Sweden
01. No teenage future
02. The clash
03. So lonely
04. 6 million
05. Song of victory
06. Third world war
07. It's a crime to be young
08. Secret love
09. People dying
10. Västerås punx

Released by Modernes Pop Records in 1982.

Dark and heavy hardcorepunk from early 80's.

No teenage future

fredag 14 december 2012

Dioxina - Nessuna Pietà LP (1985)

Oi! from Italy
01. Armageddon
02. Una voce chiama
03. Notte di peccato
04. Noi siamo il male
05. Città maledetta
06. Nessuna pietà

Released by R.I.P. Records in 1985.

Metal influenced Oi! or RAC influenced punk what the hell do i know. Even though their sound is a bit chaotic it still rocks in that old 80's RAC fashion that we all love (atleast track 5). Only release by the band.

The arrogants - Hangover philosophy CD (2004)

Oi! from Italy
01. Social disease
02. Kick kick kick
03. I'm a rapist
04. Queer bashing
05. Boring
06. Horrorshow
07. Teenage kicks (Cover)
08. Wannabe
09. Fat girls
10. Right to choose
11. Violent weekender
12. Runaway
13. Cannibal Cafe
14. They call me arrogant
15. Hangover philosophy
16. Hippie hunter (bonus from old comp)

Released by Barracuda in 2004.

The sound of Combat 84 and the lyrics of Antiseen one cant really go wrong. Fantastic band that dissapeared as fast as they appeared, damn shame.

Hippie hunter

The arrogants - Here come the arrogants 12'' EP (2003)

Oi! from Italy
01. Right to choose
02. Learn to hate
03. They call me arrogant
04. Runaway

Released by Barracuda in 2003.

The infamous hippiehunters from Italy's first proper release. The RPM on the first two tracks goes up and down which makes me suspect a bent vinyl exposed to to much sunlight. Even so it features a track not on their later full-length so well worth a download if you havnt got it already. B-side also features my alltime favourite song by the band with the excellent lyrics: "People wearing fine clothes, people looking good./People loving people, not like me and you./Runaway! Runaway! Runaway! Runaway!"

måndag 10 december 2012

Kareliaani - Free North CD (2010)

Oi!/Viking rock from Finland
01. Free north
02. Kustaf Horn
03. Let the fires burn
04. Torsten Stålhandske

Released by Hakkapeliitta in 2010.

A demo sold in DVD-cases and limited to 100 copies, cant see it for sale anywhere so i guess it's fair game to upload it. If anyone from the band wants it removed then please contact me through the email.
Some creative and dark Viking rock with a Neo-folk twist going on. Some intresting intresting lyrics about old warriors and kings from Finland and Sweden.
Finlands war is Swedens war!

Free north

Fist Season - Hate in your face Demo (1998)

Oi! from Finland
01. Tribulation
02. Liberal sheep
03. Streetfight
04. Lagered up
05. Bring back the old days
06. Oi!tro

As raw and unpolished as both demo's and sounds come but still some decent songs on it.

lördag 8 december 2012

Lions pride - Protect and serve (video)

A Belgian band that i dont know if i should laugh or cheer when i hear. Their way of mixing old metal with modern punk is quite wierd but there is still something charming about it (especially the singers voice). Pro-european lyrics but nothing hateful so dont go about crying.

The Termites - Devils (video)

Great redneck feeling to the song even though the band is from England.

Aggrolites - Dont let me down (video)

 Superb cover of this old Beatles classic. Recorded live back in 2006. Wait for the break at 4:22, fucking amazing.

söndag 2 december 2012

Sales Batards Fuckin' Crew - Why? Coz We Luv U 7' (2004) '

Oi! from France
01. Victimes de l'oppression
02. American shit

Released by Bords De Seine in 2004.

English sounding French Oi! band that where unknown to me until 3 weeks ago. Heavy heavy first track.

lördag 1 december 2012

Lost in translation #004: Gatans lag - Hata folk

Not really the most mature lyrics but one of the better Swedish Oi! anthems of later years. Since this band only sings in Swedish i am surprised anyone had had of them before, but here you go.

I've got an itch that I cant scratch
I can hardly breathe when I walk through my town
It's like a shitty fucking allergy
I want to strike you all down when you pass me by

I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!

I dont discriminate i hate everyone
My hatred is growing stronger, im turning anti-social.
I hate people on the bus, everyone deserves a beating
I hate fat fucking bastards and people who work out

I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!

This whole world is beautiful, our lakes and our forests.
The flowers and animals, the moon and our sun
But one day something went wrong, our creator he messed up
This animal walked on two legs, and went around slaughtering

I hate retired cunts all old folks smells like shit. 
If I ever get that old i will take my life
Me myself i am perfect, almost everything i do is good.
And i envy anyone who gets to hang be me

I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!

fredag 30 november 2012

Lost in translation #003: Njord - För alltid patriot

Another vikingrock request and to be honest i had never even heard about this band before but ask and i giveth hehe. Actually a decent song... for vikingrock that is.

You people in power take alisten to this song
The world that I live in
I know you do not want to believe it but try to understand
Because this is about the future of our land

I know your perfect future is without people like me
But that dream will fall in the end

I simply love my country, you'd think I hold a grudge
But I hate nobody I just proudly wear my flag
Now im targeted in the media as as a complete fool
But i simply dont care. Forever patriot

You have mocked and oppressed my right to be free
What is true and what is lies? Everything is hypocrisy
But truth is our weapon and one day we will win
And then you will obey our laws

I simply love my country, you'd think I hold a grudge
But I hate nobody I just proudly wear my flag
Now im targeted in the media as as a complete fool
But i simply dont care. Forever patriot
If we fight together nothing can stop us

If we fight together nothing can stop us
Yes, if we fight together nothing can stop us

Lost in translation #002 Ultima thule - Stolt och stark

Never been a huge fan of the band mostly because of the singers voice and the sometimes lame lyrics but this is one of few songs that i have always enjoyed. Heavy song as current as ever. As the last one... not a perfect translation.

Deny me my mead
Deny me the spark of life
Deny me the right to honor my country
Deny me the bread in my hand

You exploit our soil
You exploit Skalders word
You drain our body & Swedens strength
You exploit, feel the bite of our swords

I work hard for our wellbeing
You trample on my soul
But yet i remain 

Proud and strong!

You judged us without the right
You judged us for our ways
You have doomed us to a darkness, our Svea anthem
You doomed us! Now echoes again

I work hard for our wellbeing
You trample on my soul
But yet i remain 

Proud and strong!

Lost in translation #001: Agent Bulldogg - Karl XII

Not a perfect translation of the original Swedish but as good as i can do it. There will be more of these in the future so let me know any old Swedish Punk, Oi!, Rock or RAC song you would like translated and i'll se what i can do.
Dedicated to Kalle Dussin who was a Swedish king and among many things fought to keep Sweden free from the Russina empire.

The eighteen year old king, he went into war
A war that would last through the remainder of his life 

He fought against the Russians and all of their flaws 
He fought for the Swedish people until the day he was shot dead

He was a hero
He fought for our land
He fought for our freedom 

Karl VII was his name

Now you're tryin to make us turn on our land
But as proud Karoliners we stand to the last man 

We pay tribute to this hero, who never backed from a fight 
We pay tribute to Karl VII, a hero of his time

He was a hero
He fought for our land
He fought for our freedom 

Karl VII was his name

He was a hero, he was a hero, he was a hero 
That fought for our land
He was a hero, he was a hero, he was a hero 
That fought for our land

torsdag 29 november 2012

Leather nun - Slow death 7'' (1979)

Rock/Industrial from Sweden
01. No rule
02. Death threats
03. Slow death
04. Ensam i natt (outro)

Released by Industrial Records in 1979.

Ealry release by the band when the fantastic and legendary Freddie Wadling (Cortex, Perverts & Liket lever) was still in the line-up. The second part of the album goes straight over my head with it's artsyfartsy industrial sheit but the first song is just to damn good.

No rule

Maraboots - PDD Halles DemoCD (2010)

Oi! from France
01. PDD Halles
02. Permentier
03. Ennemi No.1
04. 2012
05. Neuski
06. Paris est en guerre

Not a big fan of sax in Oi! ut this band actually pulls it of on the song Neuski. Halfassed album that ends up more good than bad.

fredag 23 november 2012

Crane de fer - Même combatLP (2005)

Oi! from France
01. Intro
02. Même combat
03. Turlutte ouvriere
04. Le sang du lion
05. Conniere
06. Le liftier
07. Le suppositoire
08. Skinhead

Released by Bords De Seine in 2005.

My current obsession with French Punk'n'Oi continues with this solid record. Great lyrics (the little experience i have in French) and a heavy pounding sound. Gotta love the cover to.


The Veros - The way i feel/Got to get away 7'' (2001)

Rock/Oi! from France
01. The way i feel
02. Got to get away

Released by Guilty Records in 2001.

I always liked the "cover-stuff" they did better than their original songs but still a decent little EP.

tisdag 20 november 2012

Les Poches - Les seigneurs de lager 7'' (2003)

Modsrock/Oi! from France
01. A.L.F.
02. Soirée Oi!
03. AC/DCU
04. Tears of lager

Released by Bords De Seine in 2003.

A very Frenshsounding band with it's Mod influenced punksound. Fans of Templars and The Clichés will love this.

Bleach boys - Vikland 7'' (1991)

Oi! from France
01. Rois des tempetes
02. Hagar dunor
03. Chant de fidelite

Released by Bleach Records in 1991.

Classic record!

HugOi! Boss & Los Acroudos Touladanlos - Hugo Sucks 7'' (2004)

Oi! from France
01. HugOi! Boss - Hugographie
02. Los Acroudos Touladanlos - Hugo est une grosse merde

Released by Hugo Sucks Records in 2004.

Two shortlived sideprojects by members from Warrior Kids on the same EP. Drum-machine but still damn good first song.

måndag 19 november 2012

Anti-Pasti - Four sore points... 7'' (1980)

Punk from England
01. No government
02. 1980
03. Two years to late
04. Something new

Released by Dose Records in 1980.

The drums, the voice and a last track that can give any old punk or skin a hardon. One of my favourite British punkbands of the 80's.

Something new

Betrayed - Forever England Demo-cassette (1986)

Oi! from England
01. Red river of Ulster
02. Satans calling
03. My tomorrow
04. Vicious rumors
05. Judgement day
06. Remember
07. Backlash
08. Forever England

Oi! band most known for the split they did with Oi Polloi, they dont do them like this no more.

Vicious rumors

söndag 11 november 2012

Sledge Hammer - Hang 'em high Cassette (1991)

SSS/Oi! from Japan

01. New dawn warriors
02. Anthem
03. Blood awake
04. Keep your mind strong
05. We assault you!

Selfreleased by the band in 1991.

Few bands have as brutal of a sound as this band and their Samurai/Werewolfen counterparts had in the 90's. Tom Cruise wasnt the last samurai, these guys where.

Blood awake

Side Burns - Burn 'em all CD (2000)

Punk/Oi! from Japan
01. Fight way
02. Hit, strum & shout
03. Smash up

Released by Ebisu Records in 2000.

Excellent little CDEP that becomes even greater thanks to the fact that they use a harmonica on the first track. More harmonica and piano in punk please.

Side Burns - Never give in 7'' (1993)

Oi! from Japan
01. Slip from power
02. Treason
03. Oppression

Released by Ebisu Records in 1993 and later re-issued by One By One in 1996 with red/white coverart.

Another overlooked Japanese band with a rough punky Oi! sound far from the otherwise brutal SSS sound or softer Cockney sound that the Japan scene is known for.

onsdag 7 november 2012

Ricky Gervais - Noah's ark (stand-up)

"straight to genocide" haha

Misfits - Beware LP (1980)

Punk from America
01. We are 138
02. Bullet
03. Hollywood Babylon
04. Attitude
05. Horror business
06. Teenagers from Mars
07. Last caress

Released by Planet 9 Records in 1980.

Was supposed to be released as a straight EP in 1979 but was delayed until after their tour, thanks to this they added some extra tracks.
In my oppinion this is one of the most complete punkrock albums of it's time and probably one of the most played ones in my household since the 90's.

Bullet (Official video)

Last caress (someones been smoking cover)

fredag 2 november 2012

Guttersnipe - 1995 CD (1995)

Oi!/Punk from Sweden
01. Down the street
02. Living hell
03. New religion
04. It's up to you
05. You cant win
06. Blood of the innocent
07. Wheres the glory?
08. Are you a man?
09. Hero
10. Behind closed doors
11. Were not scared
12. 1995

Released by Step-1 Music in 1995.

Infamous band with Bullshit's old singer Åberg behind the mic. The anti-EU song Were not scared is superb. Get Bullshits old LP's here and here.

The outfit - This one's on us LP (2002)

Oi! from Denmark
01. No penalty hard enough
02. Our royal prince
03. Blind date
04. Rumours carry more weight than fact
05. Skinhead
06. Pay day
07. Living on the dole
08. Student
09. Junkie scum
10. Stairs to fame
11. Let the world go round
12. Skinflick model
13. Murphy's

Released by Bords De Seine in 2002.

An LP i picked up at the local vintage store (still dont have a clue who sells all these Oi! records, it's not a big town). Not really my cup of tea but the few songs that are good are great. Still cant get around the bands logic when they place their song "Living on the dole" about being on welfare before their song "Student" about their hate for people who use taxmoney for higher education.... So it's ok to watch TV and do nothing when unemployed but as soon as you try to further yourself its wrong? With that statement it's quite clear that the bandmembers never persued any higher education.

Quick and the dead - Kicking into 82 Cassette (1981)

Oi! from Australia
01. Take a chance
02. Boots and braces
03. Three years on the dole
04. I hate your sister
05. Skinhead blues
06. Hurry up Harry! (Sham 69 cover)
07. Stepping stone (The monkees cover)
08. Womans liberation
09. National service
10. Child molester
11. I dont like you (Skrewdriver cover)
12. Somebody´s going to get their head kicked in tonight (cover)

Soundquality is awefull and the singer sounds way to drunk to be socially accepted even in an Oi! band. Even so the cassette is rare and well worth a listen for their take on I dont like you alone. For Oi! diehards only.

torsdag 1 november 2012

Coffin fly - Live in 2010 (video)

While we slept some strange garageband made simply amazing songs for their friends in the backyard.... Look at the kids go at it... and the guy with the washboard, simply amazing.

Coffin fly - Demo (2010)

Rockabilly/Psychobilly from America
01. The blend
02. Shocker
03. Death cries
04. Howlin at the moon
05. Creature boogie woogie
06. --hidden track--

A young Delaware band that i know for a fact wont ever get the recognition they actually deserve. Atleast they can go to their graves knowing that a Swedish guy thinks their the shit, and thats always something.

Meteors - Strange times (video)

Some positive Halloween greetings from Paul and The Meteors. Don't we all wait for the day.
Glad Alla Helgona i förtid//Bernando

söndag 28 oktober 2012

Dims Rebellion & The Dontcares - Hellsplit Vol.1 CD (2004)

Punk/Speed rock from Sweden
01. Dims rebellion - No one
02. Dims rebellion - Kill yourself
03. Dims rebellion - In my bed
04. Dims rebellion - Without you
05. Dims rebellion - So low
06. Dims rebellion - Fade away (bluegrass version)
07. The dontcares - Dead generation
08. The dontcares - Veins full of venom
09. The dontcares - Spit in the ass
10. The dontcares - Full tilt
11. The dontcares - Die die die
12. The dontcares - Going going...
13. The dontcares - Burnher

Released by Kjell hell Records in 2004.

Dims rebellion was one of my favourite bands some 6 years ago. They started out as an Oi! band and frequented the whole Ska/Oi! scene in Stockholm. After a while they moved over to playing more pop punk (or Emoi! as one of my friends branded them) but still played the hell out of the hardliner bands. Way above most other bands musically even in this later sound.
The dontcares is a band i never really understood but they do allright on this record i guess. They can best be described as a mixture between Hellacopters and Antiseen with a little bit of speedmetal sprinkled on top (i think Brianguy will like them).

Dims rebellion - Without you

tisdag 23 oktober 2012

V/A - Last chance.... LP (1992)

Oi!/RAC from England
01. Paul Burney - Soldiers of fame
02. British standard - Violence, rape and murder
03. Close shave - Money
04. Razors edge - Fight for England
05. Grade one - Socialist worker
06. English rose - Warriors of the rose
07. Paul Burnley - Yesterday's nation
08. British standard - New europe
09. Close shave - Not the skinhead way
10. Razors egde - Norse lands
11. Grade one - I'm not a bad man
12. English rose - Stop the invasion

Released by Rebelles Européens in 1992.

A pro-western recording featuring non-political bands like Close shave and more extreme bands such as Razors edge side by side

British standard - Violence, rape and murder

måndag 22 oktober 2012

The young ones - No bollocks, just Oi! CD (2006)

 Oi! from Netherlands
01. Skinhead class
02. Lions
03. Working pride
04. Red lions
05. Lowlife
06. Forever young
07. We are the firm

Released by Alive & Kicking Records in 2006.

Brullbåjs - Dödens apostlar 7'' (1980)

Punk from Sweden
01. Dödens apostlar (Apostles of death)
02. EAP
03. Underhållnings våld (Violence for entertainment)

Released by Prylén Records in 1980.

Old punkband with members that would later form rockbands Sator and Sator Codex.

lördag 13 oktober 2012

Gruesome - Throw light on 7'' (1992)

Oi!/SSS from Japan
01. Throw light on
02. Tightly wound
03. Armour & greed
04. No warrant
05. That's i'm wrong (broken in the end)
06. Cross arise

Released by Dim Records in 1992.

One of the best Japan albums to see the light of day. Far superior than most other things around at the time to for that matter.

Armour & greed

Eastern youth - For skins and punks 7'' (1991)

Oi!/Punk from Japan
01. For skins and punks
02. Japan for nation
03. Live for today

Released by Skin Pop Records in 1991.

As long as you ignore 80% of their later stuff this was actually a great little punkband.

Clash dogs - Equality 7'' (1999)

Punk from Japan
01. The difference what you want
02. Equality

Released by Shot & Shout Records in 1999.

fredag 12 oktober 2012

Blitz - New age 7'' (1983)

Post punk/New wave from England
01. New age
02. Fatigue

Released by Future Records in 1983.

Friday, free for the comming days, opened a couple of beers already.... whats better than a bit of pianopunk and one of 1980's best new wave songs to start the evening of?

New age (video)

onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Blood axis & Allerseelen - Split 7'' (1994)

Neo Folk/Industrial from America & Germany
01. Blood axis - Walked in line (Joy Division cover)
02. Allerseelen - Ernting

Released by Storm in 1994.

Dark, ambient and one of few Joy Division covers that is actually good. Pro-western and somewhat neo-facist so if you don't like that sort of stuff then don't download. If you do then by all means put on your brownshirt and walk in line.

Blood axis - Walked in line

onsdag 3 oktober 2012

The monsters - Youth against nature LP (1996) + videos

Punk/Garage rock from Switzerland
01. Burn my mind
02. I just wanna die
03. High heels and mini-skirts
04. Go away and fuck yourself
05. Take a trip to my grave
06. Cosmic belly dance
07. Voodoo love
08. Godzilla
09. Züri Brönnt (TNT cover)
10. Go away out of my brain
11. Juvenile delinquent
12. I'm a record junkie
13. My brother told me

Released by Record Junkie in 1996.

The bands departure from psychobilly into their more surfy punksound. Even has a slight feeling of grunge that was big at this time. What a superb record!

Record junkie

High heels and mini-skirt (live in 2011)

The monsters - Rock around the tombstone 7'' (1995) + musicvideo

Garage rock/Rock'n'roll from Switzerland
01. Rock around the tombstone
02. Play with fire (Rolling stones cover)

Released by Voodoo Rhythm in 1995.

Excellent title-track, excellent Stones cover, excellent video, excellent EP.

lördag 29 september 2012

Monsters - More you talk, less i hear (video)

From their new album called Pop up yours! released through Voodoo Rhythm, brilliant album.

The Monsters - Meets the Betty Pages of fright 7'' (1992)

Psychobilly/Garage rock from Switzerland
01. The creature from the black lagoon
02. SOS (A.B.B.A. cover
03. Jingle bells

Released by Dionysus Records in 1992.

For someone like me who has a hard time enjoying 99% of all Psychobilly i fucking love that first track.

The Monsters - Creature from the black lagoon

The monsters - Nightmare 7'' (1988)

Garage rock/Psychobilly from Switzerland
01. Nightmare
02. Don't burn the witch
03. I came from hell
04. Monster rock

Released by Record Junkie in 1988.

The legendary Beat-man's firstrecord with his band The monsters.

fredag 28 september 2012

Legetime violence - Legetime violence (video)

While on a roll why not a video of one of their best songs.

Legitime Violence - RocknRoll (video)

Footage from the alternate concert Legitime Violence held after some events that took place in Quebec (and the events that the last video was an answer to). Cheers Chiftelos

"After having sustained a biased smear-campaign aimed at discrediting the Quebec City band Légitime Violence, local activists pursued their self-righteous crusade by threatening with physical violence and bodily harm the organisers of the alternative music festival Envol et Macadam. Choosing not to jeopardize the festival's staff, the band volunteers to be removed from the event's roster and play their own show that same evening. These are the highlights of that day."

onsdag 26 september 2012

Légitime violence - Anti Rash Action (A.R.A.)

Superb song and as current as ever with most "nonpolitical" bands doing compilations against a next to non-existent enemy within the scene, namely the nazi skinheads. Are they really that strong or are you guys simply trying to be accepted by people you shouldnt care about in the first place? Whatever the reason is here is Canadian band Légitime violences answer to a way larger "enemy" that no one seems to care about when cleaning out their scene-closet.

tisdag 25 september 2012

V/A - Stöd de strejkande hamnarbetarna LP (1974)

01. Thomas Ellerås - Den gamla goda tiden (The good old days)
02. Harald 'bagarn' Andersson - Strejka (Strike)
03. Knutna nävar - Balladen om Olsson (The ballad of Mr Olsson)
04. Anja Svederborg - Katjuska
05. Fred Åkerström - Rallarvisa (Railroad workers song)
06. Fred Åkerström - Åkare Lundgrens begravning (Trucker Lundgrens funeral)
07. Fred Åkerström - En valsmelodi (A waltzmelody)
08. Mats Lundälv - The chartist song
09. Mats Lundälv - Working on the project
10. Sven Wollter - Riksdagsvisa (Song of the parlament)
11. Röda ropet - Måsadott
12. Dan Berglund - Visa till SAP (A song to SAP)
13. Dan Berglund - De mördades fria republik (Free republic of the murdered)

Released by Proletärkultur in 1974.

A show organised by Swedens Communist Party to raise money for the striking dockworkers in the strike of '74, the money also went to that cause. Whatever peoples ideas about commies might be the LP is a true cultural treasure here in Sweden with national icon's like Fred Åkerström and Dan Berglund on it. Might not be worth downloading if you dont understand Swedish or Dannish.

torsdag 20 september 2012

Fortress - Victory or valhalla CD (1999)

RAC from Australia
01. Victory or valhalla
02. Hail rock'n'roll
03. We're still alive
04. Defenders of the faith
05. Blood, fire and steel
06. Now is the time
07. Bounded
08. Outcast
09. Hour of the power
10. White wolf
11. Ideals
12. Last hope
13. I believe
14. Here comes the thunder
15. Phoenix rising
16. I hate commie scum
17. You stayed true
18. Free me
19. Life's a struggle
20. Parasite
21. Raise the flag

A re-issue of Fortress old "Sieze the day LP" (1992) & "Fortress I LP" (1993) made on CD by Great White Productions in 1999.

As racist and hatefull as this record is i can proudly say it is among my top-10 favourite records of any genre (only other RAC is Brutal attacks Stronger than before). Dont download if this isnt your thing but if you are openminded then give it a try, a truly phenomenal album in a class of it's own. Be sure to check out the songs We're still alive, Phoenix rising & Life's a struggle.

Fortress - Phoenix rising (watch out that red/white/black flag might kill you if you look at it too long, it's that dangerous)

torsdag 13 september 2012

Razorblade - Spreading fear LP (2002)

Oi! from Netherlands
01. Intro
02. Cold stares
03. Peadophile
04. Skinhead rock
05. Spreading fear
06. Made in Holland
07. P.F
08. Parasite
09. Gehaat & veracht (Hated & despised)
10. Badland skins
11. Teenage slag
12. Dying breed

Released by Rebellion Records in 2002.

This purchase was basicly a robbery since i already owned the record in digital format (the audio files) and purchased the LP because i wanted the lyrics for the songs, i got the record and realised there was no insert at all to speak of. Anyway this band used to be one of my favourites back then so if we ignore their later turncoating to fit in politcally and changing their sound into "deutschrock" they really deserved the money i spent on it. Heavy and brutal Oi! at its best.

Thuggers - Football on saturday CD (1998)

Oi!/Punk from Belgium
01. Football on saturday
02. Push those people in
03. Trouble comes

Released by Hit Records in 1998.

Only release by this band that is more rare than good to be honest. Sideproject by people from Headcase if i remember correctly.

fredag 7 september 2012

Trojne - Varför krig? 7'' (1983)

Punk from Sweden
01. Varför krig? (Why war?)
02. Problematiskt barn (Problem child)
03. L.S.D.
04. Spion (Spy)

Selfreleased by the band in 1983.

Mr Len - Pity the fool CD (2001)

Hip hop compilation from America
01. Juggaknots - This morning
02. Massinfluence - Get loose
03. Jean Grae & Murs - The hurt
04. -skit-
05. Q-Unique - Straight
06. Lord Sear - Girl
07. Jean grae & The melon bayside high drama club - Taco day
08. Agents of man & Amplifire - Force fed
09. -skit-
10. D-Stroy - Bring it to me
11. Mr Live - What the fuck?
12. -skit-
13. Jean Grae & Brewin - Love venom
14. Mr Live & Chubb Rock - Dummy smacks
15. -skit-
16. Kice of course & Steady roc - Family matters
17. -hidden track-

Released by Matador Records in 2001.

An upload that will get my few readers running for the hill but give it a try and you might see what i see in it.
Company flow is one of the few groups in hip hop that i can stand and their old producer Mr Len has here put together his favourite artists ranging from hip hop to hardcore. A cd free from all other shit that is hip hop meaning:
(1) No black power political bullshit
(2) No artsyfartsy wiggers with backpacks
(3) No gangsters acting hard
(4) No shiny suits dancing on tv
(5) No "intellectual" rap with a muslim agenda

Simply good and experimental music (well some of it) if you are openminded to such things without being stuck behind your subcultural fences.

Mr Len - Love venom

söndag 26 augusti 2012

When studying is fun.

As a grand finale when reading webcoding and webcreation i will do a discography site (information and Adobeflashy designs not music for downloads) dedicated to all things involving Glen Danzig. While hunting down information and releasedates i stumbled across some really intresting videos that i havnt got a clue who owns the rights to but that are really interesting. Covers and mash-ups!!

Acoustic cover of Mother

The doors - Mash-up

Celebritycover of  Devils plaything

Shakira mash-up (fake)

Lemonheads cover of Skulls

Classic bookreview (wolfs, satan and nazis)

..no i will not post the knockout clip..