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söndag 28 oktober 2012

Dims Rebellion & The Dontcares - Hellsplit Vol.1 CD (2004)

Punk/Speed rock from Sweden
01. Dims rebellion - No one
02. Dims rebellion - Kill yourself
03. Dims rebellion - In my bed
04. Dims rebellion - Without you
05. Dims rebellion - So low
06. Dims rebellion - Fade away (bluegrass version)
07. The dontcares - Dead generation
08. The dontcares - Veins full of venom
09. The dontcares - Spit in the ass
10. The dontcares - Full tilt
11. The dontcares - Die die die
12. The dontcares - Going going...
13. The dontcares - Burnher

Released by Kjell hell Records in 2004.

Dims rebellion was one of my favourite bands some 6 years ago. They started out as an Oi! band and frequented the whole Ska/Oi! scene in Stockholm. After a while they moved over to playing more pop punk (or Emoi! as one of my friends branded them) but still played the hell out of the hardliner bands. Way above most other bands musically even in this later sound.
The dontcares is a band i never really understood but they do allright on this record i guess. They can best be described as a mixture between Hellacopters and Antiseen with a little bit of speedmetal sprinkled on top (i think Brianguy will like them).

Dims rebellion - Without you

tisdag 23 oktober 2012

V/A - Last chance.... LP (1992)

Oi!/RAC from England
01. Paul Burney - Soldiers of fame
02. British standard - Violence, rape and murder
03. Close shave - Money
04. Razors edge - Fight for England
05. Grade one - Socialist worker
06. English rose - Warriors of the rose
07. Paul Burnley - Yesterday's nation
08. British standard - New europe
09. Close shave - Not the skinhead way
10. Razors egde - Norse lands
11. Grade one - I'm not a bad man
12. English rose - Stop the invasion

Released by Rebelles Européens in 1992.

A pro-western recording featuring non-political bands like Close shave and more extreme bands such as Razors edge side by side

British standard - Violence, rape and murder

måndag 22 oktober 2012

The young ones - No bollocks, just Oi! CD (2006)

 Oi! from Netherlands
01. Skinhead class
02. Lions
03. Working pride
04. Red lions
05. Lowlife
06. Forever young
07. We are the firm

Released by Alive & Kicking Records in 2006.

Brullbåjs - Dödens apostlar 7'' (1980)

Punk from Sweden
01. Dödens apostlar (Apostles of death)
02. EAP
03. Underhållnings våld (Violence for entertainment)

Released by Prylén Records in 1980.

Old punkband with members that would later form rockbands Sator and Sator Codex.

lördag 13 oktober 2012

Gruesome - Throw light on 7'' (1992)

Oi!/SSS from Japan
01. Throw light on
02. Tightly wound
03. Armour & greed
04. No warrant
05. That's i'm wrong (broken in the end)
06. Cross arise

Released by Dim Records in 1992.

One of the best Japan albums to see the light of day. Far superior than most other things around at the time to for that matter.

Armour & greed

Eastern youth - For skins and punks 7'' (1991)

Oi!/Punk from Japan
01. For skins and punks
02. Japan for nation
03. Live for today

Released by Skin Pop Records in 1991.

As long as you ignore 80% of their later stuff this was actually a great little punkband.

Clash dogs - Equality 7'' (1999)

Punk from Japan
01. The difference what you want
02. Equality

Released by Shot & Shout Records in 1999.

fredag 12 oktober 2012

Blitz - New age 7'' (1983)

Post punk/New wave from England
01. New age
02. Fatigue

Released by Future Records in 1983.

Friday, free for the comming days, opened a couple of beers already.... whats better than a bit of pianopunk and one of 1980's best new wave songs to start the evening of?

New age (video)

onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Blood axis & Allerseelen - Split 7'' (1994)

Neo Folk/Industrial from America & Germany
01. Blood axis - Walked in line (Joy Division cover)
02. Allerseelen - Ernting

Released by Storm in 1994.

Dark, ambient and one of few Joy Division covers that is actually good. Pro-western and somewhat neo-facist so if you don't like that sort of stuff then don't download. If you do then by all means put on your brownshirt and walk in line.

Blood axis - Walked in line

onsdag 3 oktober 2012

The monsters - Youth against nature LP (1996) + videos

Punk/Garage rock from Switzerland
01. Burn my mind
02. I just wanna die
03. High heels and mini-skirts
04. Go away and fuck yourself
05. Take a trip to my grave
06. Cosmic belly dance
07. Voodoo love
08. Godzilla
09. Züri Brönnt (TNT cover)
10. Go away out of my brain
11. Juvenile delinquent
12. I'm a record junkie
13. My brother told me

Released by Record Junkie in 1996.

The bands departure from psychobilly into their more surfy punksound. Even has a slight feeling of grunge that was big at this time. What a superb record!

Record junkie

High heels and mini-skirt (live in 2011)

The monsters - Rock around the tombstone 7'' (1995) + musicvideo

Garage rock/Rock'n'roll from Switzerland
01. Rock around the tombstone
02. Play with fire (Rolling stones cover)

Released by Voodoo Rhythm in 1995.

Excellent title-track, excellent Stones cover, excellent video, excellent EP.