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söndag 27 april 2014

Producto Nacional - En Directo Cassette (1992)

Oi!/RAC from Spain
01. Beber para vivir
02. Tu ciudad
03. Lo Nuestro
04. Defiende
05. Tu perdición
06. Canción de cuna
07. Todo por ella
08. España (Sweet Home Alabama)
09. Skatarra
10. Un año más
11. Canon
12. Solo de batería
13. Piara indecente
14. Mierda de ciudad (Drinking and driving)
15. Mohamed
16. Hell's bell's

Amateur band recording a live-show with crappy equipment. The quality of the songs are far from great but some songs are quite good.


Ruin bois - Primeira Maqueta Cassette (1995)

Oi! from Spain
01. Outra mais
02. Oi! Oi! music
03. Os dous de sempre
04. Por ti mesmo
05. Sen solucion
06. Ruin bois

Released by Plastic Disk in 1995.

Steelcap - Comando Matajipis CD (2002)

Oi! from Spain
01. Skinhead
02. Sexo virtual
03. Suicida
04. Nacion miserable
05. La cerveza
06. Venganza
07. Os vamos a reventar
08. Comando matajipis

Released by Potencial Hardcore in 2002.

Superb and rough fistpumping Oi! not that far away from Ultimo Asalto but with less testosterone and a singer that doesnt sound like he wants to mutilate you through the speakers.

La Cerveza

Ultimo Asalto - Soldados Del Asfalto 7'' (2001)

Oi! from Spain
01. Soldado del asfalto
02. El Oi! es violencia
03. Nuestro orgullo pasado
04. Skinhead

Released by Bords De Seine in 2001.

EP release that came before their CD and i actually prefer the quality in this release. Top EP.

Ultimo asalto - Nuestro orgullo pasado CD (2001)

Oi! from Spain
01. Nuestro orgullo pasado
02. Soldados de asfalto
03. El Oi! es violencia
04. Terror hooligan
05. Comando mata-hippys
06. Pulling on the boots (Romper Stomper cover)
07. Vivos y pateando
08. Apolíticos
09. Skinhead
10. Ultimo asalto
11. Un día de añoranza

Released by Evil Town in 2001.

Favourite Spanish skinheadband of all time. Brutal and raw with a heavy RAC-sound going on (though their politics are far from just that).

Terror Hooligan

Riot Squad - Elutimo adios 7'' (2004)

Oi! from Spain
01. La Unica Opción
02. Street Rock & Roll
03. 1 De 5
04. El Último Adios

Released by Apalanqued Records in 2004.

Farewell record by the band and the weakest release (as farewell albums often are).

tisdag 15 april 2014

Sledge hammer - Wolves Of Japan CD (1999)

SSS from Japan
01. Nihon Ookami
02. Hrakuren No
03. Aikokusha
04. Ware Ikari Yue Ni Koko Ni Ari
05. Homura
06. 鋼
07. Sanzen Sekai
08. Kaze

Released by Straight Up Records in 1999.

My least favourite album by Sledge Hammer and way to metalic for my taste. Still has some good songs though. Aikokusha, a new recording of their old song Patriot is one of them.

Aikokusha (old version)