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onsdag 29 maj 2013

Banner of thugs - This is where it starts DEMO (2001)

Oi! from Netherlands
01. Intro
02. Skinhead
03. The hammer
04. Wolfpack lads
05. S.H.A.G.S.
06. B.O.T.
07. Oi! never dies

First demo from this underrated Dutch band.


Blockbuster - United and strong 7'' (1998)

Punk from Japan
01. You're a bore
02. Stay united
03. Fight for your life
04. United and strong

Released by Knock Out Records in 1998.

Fast Oi! from Japan with some Exploited influences.

Bite the kurb - Demo tracks (2008)

Oi! from Australia
01. Stomp
02. Don't mess with the inner west
03. Give me the pub life
04. Spiderman

fredag 24 maj 2013

The Dum DUm Boys - Let there be noise LP (1982)

Punkrock from New Zealand
01. Let there be noise
02. Escape from hell
03. Hold me tight
04. Don't be a bitch
05. Something to say
06. Running scared
07. Idiot boy
08. True friend/Stalking the streets
09. Dead inside
10. Looking for fun

Released by Bondage Records in 1982.

First album by The Henchmen back when they still called themselfs The Dum Dum Boys.

The dum dum boys - Idiot boy

4-skins - One law for them 7'' (1981)

Oi! from England
01. One law for them
02. Brave new world

Released by Clockwork Fun in 1981.

First release by the band and probably one of the best punk EP's to date.

No remorse - Smash the reds 7'' (1989)

RAC from England
01. Smash the reds
02. Race traitor

Released by Rebelles Européens in 1989.

Most probably know of this band but for those who don't beware this is far from your rightwinged skinhead noise. No Remorse where neo-nazis so therefore tread lightly and don't download if suncrosses and roman salutes makes your blood boil even now 70 years on. Anyway the first song is and will always be a classic song not only because it's an intense a proper good song but also because of the intresting story behind it that i think most people know by now.

No Remorse - Smash the reds

UK Subs - This gun says 7'' (1985)

Punkrock from England
01. This gun says
02. Speak for myself
03. Wanted

Released by Fallout Records in 1985.

Fist Season - Demo (2001)

Oi! from Finland
01. If there's a riot (Skrewdriver cover)
02. Corrupted morals
03. Truth in your face
04. Kuston hetki
05. I won't share

Sadly enough never released.

Fist Season - 30 Years Of Skinhead 7'' (1999)

Oi! from Finland
01. 30 years of skinhead
02. Isolation
03. Don't deserve it
04. Blind alley

Released by Bords De Seine in 1999.

fredag 17 maj 2013

Haggis - Stormtroopers of hate CD (2003)

Punk/Oi!/Hardcore from Norway
01. More war!
02. History lesson #1
03. Stormtroopers of hate
04. The vikings are comming
05. 21 beers
06. Poor's a bore
07. Skinheads in the mist
08. Alle damer er horer (All women are whores)
09. Toss in the bin
10. This is our country
11. Joe Ramone
12. Look at me when i talk to you
13. Hammersmasher prostitute
14. Hate and war
15. Long black veil

Released by Pure Impact in 2003.

The nazi niggers from Norways first full-length. With their constant political incorrectness you'll either love them or hate them. Even if i liked their later singer better this album is one of my favourites from the early 00's

The vikings are comming (official video)

History lesson #1 (official video)

Unit Lost - Headlines or work CD (2000)

Oi!/Punk from Sweden
01. Unit lost
02. Forever lost
03. Reason to attack
04. Headlines or work
05. Third class factory
06. Living in agony
07. Keep the spirit
08. When i lie
09. In the name of freedom
10. Mythomaniac
11. Here i go...
12. Warriors
13. Gryningen kommer (Dawn is comming)

Released by Dim Records in 2000.

Never quite liked this band back in the days but started respecting them a year ago when i first listened to their Asfalt CD. Not the greatest Swedish band of it's genre but still a decent one.

lördag 11 maj 2013

The convicted - The real convicted CD (2003)

Oi! from Belgium
01. Intro
02. Tattoos and scars
03. Convicted
04. Freedom
05. Mr. Clean
06. Road to Valhalla
07. Skinhead blues
08. Disco crap
09. My country
10. Skinhead
11. Drakar ship
12. Warriors
13. Football
14. Celtic pride

Released by Pure Impact in 2003.

Patriotic Oi! with a viking theme to most songs (but without becoming to vikingrock). Those who like The Pride will love this band.

Tattoos and scars

tisdag 7 maj 2013

Monster - Looking for a fight CD (1996)

Punkrock from Sweden
01. Don't answer the phone
02. Waiting for something to happen
03. Pretty superficial
04. Honour your friends

Released by Startracks in 1996.

Classic punkrock with ska influences featuring members that would later play in the commercially succesfull band Moneybrother. Really nice guys as well.

Don't answer the phone (official video)