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tisdag 31 juli 2012

Media reports on 80's punk and skin scene in Australia (live performance by Quick and the dead)

Seen it happen in Britain and all over the world. Wild naziyouth out to kill and destroy always works in the media. Some short but great livefootage by Quick and the dead though.

Quick and the dead - Another violent night 7'' (1981)

Oi!/Punk from Australia
01. Child molester
02. Love triangles
03. Pyramid party
04. Nothing for you
05. Frontal lobotomy (instrumental)

500 copies selfreleased by the band in 1981.

Classic band with a heavy reputation for violence and terror in the papers Australia back in the days. The bassist Murray Holmes would later move and join Skrewdriver in Britain. Band desolved but was recently started again by Murray Holmes and members from White noise.

Reckless aggression - Demo cassette (2010)

Hardcore/Oi! from Australia
01. Senseless behavior
02. Nobody
03. Blood on the streets
04. Wonderful world (4-skins cover)
05. Waiting for the night
06. Crusties fear
07. Reckless aggression
08. Nothing to give
09. Dead end

Together with All in brawl this band respresent the uberviolent take no prisoners Oi!core in Australia lately. The fact that they can cover a 4-skins song and make it intresting again says a whole lot. Solid demo, solid band.

söndag 29 juli 2012

The borderguards - Boots, booze & tattoo's (Complete discography)

Oi! from Canada
01. Independent
02. Live fast, die drunk
03. Going over the top
04. Rock'n'roll
05. City kid
06. O Canada
07. 4 chords & the truth
08. The way we where
09. For the one i love
10. We gotta go
11. Never walk alone
12. Cheers
13. Borderlands
14. Anarchy

One of the better bands that cropped up in Canada in the mid '00's. The band was together for about 5 years and to my knowledge these are all of the songs they recorded. Well worth downloading.

lördag 28 juli 2012

No alliance - Demo CD (2005)

Oi! from Canada
01. Soldier
02. Look what you fell into
03. Come outside
04. What have i done wrong
05. We are the skinheads
06. We want more beer


fredag 27 juli 2012

Uncle trash - Demo (2011)

Acoustic folkrock from Netherlands
01. Feeling like a stranger
02. She aint mine
03. Old pictures and crossroads
04. Inked memories
05. Godver (outro)

(Note... that some of the songs in the download have the wrong name. The above is the correct names to the songs... just so you all know.)

In the veins of Badlands and Jenny Woo Uncle Trash plays acoustic rock with a "skinhead message". Might not be the best stuff i have heard but sure better than most songs by his female counterpart.

torsdag 26 juli 2012

Get out - Between friends CD (1999)

Oi! from Netherlands
01. Skinheads go out tonight
02. Back to business
03. Between friends
04. The real hooligans
05. Stand up, lets go, come on!
06. In the field

Released by Hit Records in 1999.

Get out (of the closet?) are hands down the winners of most homoerotic albumcover ever. Dont ask me what they where thinking when they made it.

söndag 22 juli 2012

Kommando skin - Bootboys CD (1999)

Oi!/RAC from Germany
01. Intro
02. Kommando Skin
03. Bootboys
04. Skinheadpower
05. Der Sieger
06. Skinheads
07. Gläser In Die Hand
08. Skinheads Für Die Ewigkeit
09. Politik Der Lügner
10. Wotans Erben
11. Kinder Der Strasse
12. Freunde

Released by Dim Records in 1999.

Superb and quite unprovocative album by a band that is known for being "over the edge" politically. Skinhead anthems!

Der seger

Frontpilsen - Aquest és el nostre moment 7'' (2001)

Oi!/Punk from Spain
01. El final de la nit
02. Setmana trágica
03. Aquest és el nostre moment
04. Aquest ets tu

Released by Bronco Bullfrog in 2001.

A nice blend of old rock and ska with more modern punk. The release is a remaster of their old demo from 1990. Only songs they recorded as far as i know.

fredag 20 juli 2012

Riot squad - 9 d'Octubre 7'' (2002)

Oi! from Spain
01. 9 d'Octubre
02. Skinheads Valencia
03. L'Ovella negra
04. Rapist (Combat 84 cover)

Released by Bords De Seine in 2002.

BB Doc - L'Heure De La Mort! 7'' (1986)

Punk/Oi! from France
01. Oi!!
02. J'Aime pas les bebes
03. L'Heure de la mort

Released by Terminal Records in 1986.

A band more charming than good but nevertheless overlooked. Don't know about the cover though, might just be me but i find it a bit creepy.

onsdag 18 juli 2012

Pouppée fabrikk & Åter Koma Split 7'' (1989)

EBM/Industrial from Sweden
01. Pouppée fabrikk - Die jugend
02. Pouppée fabrikk - Needs
03. Åter koma - Depressiva the voyage

Released by Cock Production in 1989.

Far from what i listen to otherwise but always enjoyed the feeling that PF has brought me and to be honest they are often more provocative and pissed than most punk from Sweden. With an intro from an old B-movie and the lyrics about WWII Die Jugend is a killer song, just stay away from Åter Koma who is on some artsyfartsy Neo-Folk trip.

Die Jugend

tisdag 17 juli 2012

Lyrics for Only the fake survive by Antonella's Klasse Kriminale

Antonella's past in the scene is a long trackrecord and unlike most other old dogs she can get away with proudly saying she's never been a soldier of fame or politics. After being the creator of the band Klasse Kriminale (where she wrota all the music 'till 1991) and playing in bands like Straw Dogs and Battle zone she finally got her well deserved respect last year as she released her first album in a long time with members from both Aceface and Strawdogs. This particular song is aimed at that original member that kept using the Klasse Kriminale name but turncoated it into a more political band (leftwinged).

Antonella's Klasse Kriminale

So many year's they have gone by
and stories i can't recognice
You took the glory, you love the fame
and you still play my songs today
So why are you still going on
look back at yesterday
We were a band for our homeland
yeah those days where really great

Only the fake survive
It's true
Only the fake survive
Just look at you

How much fun it must be
when you're re-writing history
You've changed your colours
through and through
So why can't people see through you
and why is it still going on
I can't see the glory
when you're living out a lie

Only the fake survive
It's true
Only the fake survive
Just look at you

måndag 16 juli 2012

Les vilains - Belgique hooligans CDEP (1999)

Oi! from Belgium
01. Nous serons toujours là
02. Belgique hooligans
03. Moâ joenges toch!

Released on EP in 1999 by Pure Impact and later re-issued on CD (rip is from CD).

Fantastic EP. Not a single bad song.

Suck looses his temper, plays for 10 seconds and looses it again

lördag 14 juli 2012

Futurisk - Army now (video)

Edited from a recording at Ed Rich Rock Show in 1982. The synth...the hair...the 80's!

Futurisk - Sound of futurism 7'' (1980)

Minimal wave/Synth from America
01. Army now
02. What we have to have

Released by Clark Humphrey Records in 1980.

Probably more punk than most of it's counterparts. Simple and genuine sound going on here.

torsdag 12 juli 2012

Oi Polloi - Resist the atomic menace 7'' (1986)

Punk/Hardcore from United Kingdoms
01. Hands off Nicaragua
02. Scum
03. They shoot children don't they?
04. Resist the atomic menace
05. Reach for the light

Released by Endangered Musik in 1986.

Heavy bass and killer vocals, top record from start to finish.

onsdag 11 juli 2012

Vengeance videos

Brutal, militant and absolutely fantastic.
Battle dressed in black

Out of the darkness

Forward into war!

Vengeance - Forward into war! LP (1988)

RAC/Oi! from UK
01. Forward into war!
02. Bulldog
03. Armed and dangerous
04. Fight for your life
05. Battle dressed in black
06. Hate you to death
07. I don't want to know
08. Working class hero
09. Wake up England
10. Out of the darkness

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1988 and later re-released on CD in the 90's.

An Oi! band that seemed to change their sound overnight and as much as the rumours might say that the band only went from patriotism to nationalism because they got a big paycheck and a studio payed by some rich rightwinged leader i think the focus should be kept on the music.... which is fucking fantastic, and not at all as political as some might think. Few skinheadbands has been able to create such brutal waranthems as this band did. Battle dressed in black and Hate you to death are legendary fucking songs in my book. Screw Skrewdriver where are all the modern coversongs of this band?

fredag 6 juli 2012

Concrete warriors - Demo (2007)

Oi! from Sweden
01. Concrete warriors
02. Don't look down on me
03. Whatever it takes

So Swedish, so great.

Clockwork crew - Clockwork army 7'' (2002)

Oi!/Punk from Sweden
01. Clockwork army
02. Alternative people

Released by SHW Productions in 2002.

Another little Oi! gem found in a local second hand (who are you and why do you sell all these records).

Bullshit - Target LP (1995)

Oi! from Sweden
01. Graham Hope
02. Target
03. Prejudice
04. Ride my bike
05. TV preacher
06. Garbage people
07. Rich and famous
08. She came along
09. Fly the flag
10. No retreat, no surrender
11. Unemployed hero
12. Politicians
13. Always on the run
14. The gang
15. Oi!

Released by Knock Out Records in 1995.

Much much better than their first LP and whole lot cheaper. Either you love them or hate them since they have a very distinct sound. Some broken English, a whole lot of candycoated songs, a bit cliché, some failed attempts at sounding like Danzig but still one of the best and most unique Swedish Oi! releases in my oppinion.

Bullshit - Fly the flag

tisdag 3 juli 2012

Enhärjarna - The last stand CD (1995)

Viking rock/Punk from Sweden
01. Enhärjarna
02. Stolthet (Pride)
03. Starka band (Strong ties)
04. Forna hjältar (Ancient heroes)
05. Djärva tiden (Bold times)
06. Tor
07. Tusen själar av krig (A thousand souls of war)
08. Nordmännens raseri (Rage of the norsemen)
09. Gryning (Dawn)
10. Korpen flyger (The raven flies)
11. Odin
12. Patrioten (The patriot)
13. Bisarra stycke (Bizarre creature)
14. Våldtäkt (Rape)

Released by Last Resort Records in 1995.

A band with that had both Puncc from Battle Scarred and Bisson from Steelcapped Strength in their lineup through the years. Unlike most other viking rock this was a band that always spoke to me with their more brutal punksound.

Enhärjarna - Enhärjarna

Bullshit - United the voice of Oi! LP (1993)

Oi!/Punk from Sweden
01. Time to rise
02. She's the girl i like
03. Bonehead
04. I don't want you
05. Nowhere to hide
06. United the voice of oi!
07. Dancin' the moonstomp
08. Original skinheads
09. Warning
10. Skinhead girl
11. Watch your back (Cock sparrer cover)
12. Gangfight
13. I wanna be your babe
14. Hooligan
15. Shut your mouth

Released by Knock Out Records in 1993.

The band that would later become more known Oi!band Guttersnipe. Not in any way as good as their second LP but still an interesting and quite rare record (although not worth the 40someting dollars i payed for it). Record was used and has a few skips on the B-side.

söndag 1 juli 2012

Reckles front - Soldier (2004)

Punk/Oi! from Canada
01. Antisocial
02. Frontline soldier
03. Boot stomp
04. I hate hatehaters

Selfreleased by the band.

Extremly bad quality on the recordings but still a really good opening track.