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fredag 6 juli 2012

Bullshit - Target LP (1995)

Oi! from Sweden
01. Graham Hope
02. Target
03. Prejudice
04. Ride my bike
05. TV preacher
06. Garbage people
07. Rich and famous
08. She came along
09. Fly the flag
10. No retreat, no surrender
11. Unemployed hero
12. Politicians
13. Always on the run
14. The gang
15. Oi!

Released by Knock Out Records in 1995.

Much much better than their first LP and whole lot cheaper. Either you love them or hate them since they have a very distinct sound. Some broken English, a whole lot of candycoated songs, a bit cliché, some failed attempts at sounding like Danzig but still one of the best and most unique Swedish Oi! releases in my oppinion.

Bullshit - Fly the flag

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