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söndag 25 augusti 2013

Oxymoron & Braindance - Mohican melodies 7'' (1995)

Punk/Oi! from Germany and England
01. Oxymoron - Anti
02. Oxymoron - Idiots are out
03. Braindance - No faith in you
04. Braindance - Shamus O'Sean

Released by Knock Out Records in 1995.

No survival if you ignore their dictates
I've got no idol and my God is me
All this mess-up has blown my fuse
So call me a rebel or a living abuse
Oxymoron - Anti

Oi Polloi - Outrage 7'' (1988)

Hardcore/Punk from Scotland
01. Outrage
02. Thugs in uniforms
03. Resist the atomic menace
04. Dead by night

Released by Words Of Warning Records in 1988.

Killer drums!

Thugs in uniforms

Battle Zone - Right to march 7'' (1990)

Oi! from England
01. Right to march
02. Squalor

Released by Rebelles Europeens in 1990.

There's one thing that i dont understand
It's us who the victims in our own land
We want the right to march, why should we have to ask?
Give us the right to march! Give us the right to march!
Right to march

Right to march

fredag 23 augusti 2013

Oi Polloi & All Out Attack - Unlimited Genocide LP (1986)

Crust/Hardcore from Scotland
01. A.O.A. - Murder in the woods
02. A.O.A. - For those who suffer
03. A.O.A. - All our anger
04. A.O.A. - Death on a plane
05. A.O.A. - Holy pypocrisy
06. A.O.A. - O.S.A.
07. A.O.A. - Aftermath
08. Oi Polloi - Go green
09. Oi Polloi - You cough, they profit
10. Oi Polloi - Punx or mice
11. Oi Polloi - Nuclear waste
12. Oi Polloi - The only release (broken file)
13. Oi Polloi - Apartheid stinx

Released by Children Of The Revolution Records in 1986.

Yes, you actually pay to ruin your health
While you suckers abuse your body
They're just making more wealth
(Oi Polloi - You cough, they profit)

A.O.A. goes way over my head with their screamo crusty bullshit but Oi Polloi always hits the spot.

Oi Polloi - Nuclear Waste

onsdag 21 augusti 2013

Combat 84 - Rapist 7'' (1983)

Oi! from England
01. Rapist
02. Right to choose
03. Barry Prudom

Released by Victory Music in 1983.

One of the best releases in Oi! to date by one of my favourite bands out of England. Three killer tracks an one of the most brutal artworks to date.


Braindance - Streets of violence 7'' (1993)

Oi! from England
01. Dirty punk
02. Streets of violence
03. They judge us

Released by Helen Of Oi! in 1993.

Not a single bad song on this excellent EP

Dirty punk

Antisocial - Too many people 7'' (1982)

Oi!/Punk from England
01. Too many people
02. Let's have some fun

Released by Lightbeat Productions in 1982.

söndag 18 augusti 2013

V/A - Thunder in the north Cassette (1994)

RAC/HC compilation from Canada
01. Ragnarok - In blood, in faith
02. White riot - Stomping time
03. Excessive force - Oh valhalla
04. Involved patriots - On its way
05. Odins law - White revolution
06. White riot - Victory
07. Excessive force - Stand up
08. Involved patriots - Vintage saga
09. Odins law - Eric banks lives on
10. Negative response - War on Geraldo

Released by White Terror Records in 1994

Some proper hateful lyrics here so unless your "openminded" about these things then stay away. Might not be the best stuff out there but it sure is rare. It's also quite interesting out of a collector standpoint since the respected HC band Negative Response features with a song on this quite controversial cassette (also i think some members where in White Riot).

War on Geraldo

Bad Vultures - Gang up 7'' (1987)

Oi! from Japan
01. Gang up
02. '85
03. The grappler

Released by Human Records in 1987.

Bunker 84 - Vieux continent 7'' (1987)

RAC from France
01. Vieux continent
02. Un autre crâne rasé est mort

Released by Rebelles Européens in 1987.

Vieux continent

Bleach Boys - Troupes d'elite 7'' (1992)

Oi! from France
01. Fils de Normandie
02. Troupes d'elite (Last Resort cover)
03. Poseur (Combat 84 cover)
04. Bleach boys

Released by Chelsea Records in 1992.

One of my favourite French bands killing the Last Resort with their own version of Held Hostage. Classic band, classic EP.

Troupes D'elite

lördag 17 augusti 2013

Haggis - The burning 7'' (2009)

HCpunk/Oi! from Norway
01. The burning
02. Undisputed
03. A calling to arms (feat. Anal Cunt & Exploited)

Released by Hostile Class Productions in 2009.

Know the old sayings "when pigs fly", "when hell freazes over" and "when Wattie, Seth and Fat Animal make a song together"? Well the last thing actually happened in 2009 and resulted in pure awesomeness (track 3).


måndag 12 augusti 2013

Al Kapott - L'ours 7'' (1986)

Punk from France
01. L'ours
02. Cinéma

Released by Chaos Production in 1986.

tisdag 6 augusti 2013

The new breed - Port city rebels CD (2003)

Street punk from Canada
01. Lessons learned
02. Born against
03. Kickin and screamin
04. Green grow the rushes
05. Sons of Halifax
06. Whiskey
07. Five years
08. Me and the boys

Released by Longshot Music in 2003.

Street punk is street punk but Canadian street punk is bloody awesome. Second album by this melodic band and features one of their best songs (Kickin and screamin).

Lessons learned (official video)

Brutal Attack & Bully Boys - Anthems with an attitude CD (2003)

RAC/Oi! from England & America
01. Brutal attack - Avenge or regret
02. Brutal attack - In your eyes
03. Brutal attack -My final vision
04. Brutal attack -Kill me now
05. Brutal attack -The green fields beyon
06. Brutal attack -The same old story
07. Bully boys - Battle of the highlands (intro)
08. Bully boys - Jail break
09. Bully boys - Skinhead superstar
10. Bully boys - Run away
11. Bully boys - Underdog
12. Bully boys - Pray for revolution
13. Bully boys - Battle of the highlands (outro)

Released by Panzerfaust Records in 2003.

Not the greatest record with a tired sounding Ken kicking of with Brutal Attack but the "b-side" is fucking killer with legendary Bully boys giving 3 of their most legendary songs.

Skinhead superstar (official video)