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måndag 29 april 2013

Lost in translation #009: KSMB - Tidens Tempo

 As requested by Samhein76. Superb old punkrock.

Why do you think we sound like we do?
Why do you think we play like we do?
Why do you think we're screaming and crying?
Why do you think we vandalise and destroy?

It's the pace of modern times
It's the music of the streets
It's the pace of modern times
And it's fucking raw...
It's the pace of modern times
It's noize and screams
And no matter what you do it's always here to stay

Constantly surrounded by oppression
But if you turn your back
Then you imagine that it's not there
You try to force your eyes closed
You dare not look
You dare not look at the world as it is

It's the pace of modern times
It's the pace of modern times
It's the pace of modern times   
And no matter what you do it's always here to stay

In a world ruled by the laws of the jungle
In a time filled with ruined lives
With a fortune told of worse to come
Thats when the music becomes destructive
Yes, thats when the music becomes destructive

I am standing in the dole que
Because when I quit school, I couldnt get no job
I'll take anything
I'm desperate
But when I try so hard
You're only telling me I'm lazy

 It's the pace of modern times
It's the music of the streets
It's the pace of modern times
And it's fucking raw...
It's the pace of modern times
It's noize and screams
And no matter what you do it's always here to stay

Lost in translation #008: Steelcapped Strength - Islam

As requested. Keep mailing me requests of Swedish songs you want translated and i will do my best. Can't say i share many beliefs with the members of this band but as an anti-theist hardliner i can easily enjoy this song even though it seems a bit paranoid to me.

The night was dark and cold with sound of gunshots and the barking of dogs
They seemed to come from nowhere watching and waiting for the time to strike
A secret society took it's chances as Sweden was in trance
A united front against Sveas people changed Sweden without their interpreters

They crept into the Swedish defense killed all soldiers no matter of rank

They scavenged the weapons for its decisive battle executed Swedes and let religion take over
Now next to every Swedish soldier sits a vulture, slayed by an Islamist
The war has come, the war is here, politicians can now see where their dreams will take them

You claimed it was impossible that it would never happen
That Sweden would lay desecrated, in the end you barely had time to react
We should have stood up in ranks and defended our land
Because they crept forward, now our nation is in flames

The liberals that brought it upon us got no mercy they also tasted led
No mercy was shown for anyone, women and children got their throats cut
"Crush racism" was the last thing they yelled, i hope they suffered for their cowardly betrayal
Fundamentalists and their religion raped our nations soul and our land

You claimed it was impossible that it would never happen
That Sweden would lay desecrated, in the end you barely had time to react
We should have stood up in ranks and defended our land
Because they crept forward, now our nation is in flames

lördag 27 april 2013

Bitter bois - St 7'' (1998)

Oi! from Finland
01. Bastards in blue
02. My life

Released by Blind Beggar in 1998.

söndag 21 april 2013

The croydon criminals - When the boat comes in/White slag 7'' (1989)

RAC from England
01. When the boat comes in
02. White slag

Released by Street Rock'N'Roll in 1989.

Unknown far right skinhead band from late 80's. I must warn people that don't like political punk to stay far away from this release since the lyrics are racial and a bit on the extreme. Other than that all i can say is different times and different social climates brew different people so unless you where poor and white in the grey Britain around 1989 you really shouldnt judge them.

torsdag 18 april 2013

Deltron 3030 - St CD (2000)

Abstract rap from America
01. State of the nation (skit)
02. 3030
03. The fantabulous rap extravaganza (skit)
04. Things you can do
05. Positive contact
06. St. Catherine street (skit)
07. Virus
08. Upgrade
09. New coke (skit)
10. Mastermind
11. National movie review (skit)
12. Madness
13. Meet Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch (skit)
14. Time keeps on slipping
15. The news (skit)
16. Turbulence
17. The fantabulous rap extravaganza part II (skit)
18. Battlesong
19. Love story
20. Memory loss
21. The assman 640 speaks (skit)

Released by 75 ARK in 2000.

So straight from Oi! and 90's French RAC to..... huh?

When two misfits of the more obscure underground hiphop scene got together to make a sci-fi sideproject 13 years ago it resulted in this awesome little piece of audio that still stands the test of time. These days i don't really give a toss about hip hop and surpressed hate is nothing more than being nice when explaining the feelings i have towards this joke of a culture but back in the 90's and early 00's there was a certain sound that can speak to anyone with good taste in music.

The band consists of Del from band Hieroglyphics and later formed the band Gorillaz together with the singer from Blur. He stands for all the vocals while Dan The Automator who is something as wierd as a conservative asian hiphop producer makes all the beats.

The sound is abstact to say the least and not suitable for either MTV or the discos (which is what i like with it) and the real strenght lies in the theme and lyrics of the album (all delivered by Del with expertice). Think Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy meets Boys In The Hood meets Star Trek.

fan made video for Turbulence

Music video for Virus

Music video for Positive contact

tisdag 16 april 2013

King Size Braces - Land of broken dreams CD (2000)

Oi!/Street punk from Canada
01. This One's For The Boys
02. Let's Get Pissed
03. Land Of Broken Dreams
04. My Neighborhood
05. Don't Turn Your Back
06. The Bond's Still Strong
07. Beer
08. These Same Streets
09. One Against The World
10. Friday Night - Saturday Night
11. Fallen heroes
12. Drink Till You Fuckin' Puke
13. Brotherhood
14. Born To Fail

Released by Squigtone Records in 2000.

If anyone should do Oi!-inspired street punk then the Canadians are the people to man that position. Time and time again this red and white country has proven that the genre can exist without becomming overly childish or "lucky 13" in itself. I am thinking about this band and bands like The New Breed and compared to their counterparts in the US the redwhiteandblue looks quite weak in comparison.
Born to fail is just one of those anthems you need from time to time when stuck in dead end jobs and traveling with smelly commons on the buss/train, just rise above and leave the gun at home.
If you enjoy then be sure to pick up the re-release by Working CLass Records that came out last year (the one with the awefull Vietnam cover).
King size braces - Land of broken dreams

fredag 12 april 2013

Life for drinking - Demo (2005)

Oi! from China
01. Life for drinking
02. Guttersnipe
03. Question?
04. Dirty old town (Cover)

Best Oi! band out of China. A singer that actually knows English and a great cover of Dirty Old Town.
"Are you Naziskin? Are You Redskins? Nothing!! We are Chinese skins!!/Are you Racist skins? Are SHARP skins? We are Chinese skins!!"

The Franks (aka Franks Bootboys) - Complete demo collection (1996-2004)

Oi!/Punkrock from Sweden
01. Dead end weekend
02. Break up
03. Waste of time
04. Lower
05. Betrayal
06. Pigs
07. (untitled studio recording)
08. At the pub
09. Get out of here
10. Hunted by the past
11. Dead end weekend (mastered version)
12. Break up (mastered version)
13. Betrayal (mastered version)
14. The veros - Break up (The franks cover)
15. The veros - Break up instrumental (The Franks cover)

A compilation of all their unreleased songs and compilation songs that i uploaded on Down Underground back when i still worked with them.

Most of the songs where given by the members themselfs and are demo-recordings with no release behind them. Also added the mastered songs by Longshot Records and two coveres that The Veros made. The band also released an EP in 2002 but that one will be uploaded on a different occation.

Anyone who knows me know i love to pester people with this band and some poor US bands that wanted nothing more than to give me a demo to promote their band ended up with being forced to listening to this band over and over again. A friend from my old workplace even banned this record from his computer since i always used to put it on after a couple of beers. So yeah i sort of like this group and never understood why people never shared my passion for them.

Sound? Think Counterattack mixed with early Skrewdriver and a ton of handclapps.

onsdag 10 april 2013

Excalibur - Demo cassette (1995)

Oi!/RAC from France
01. Le Temps D'Agir
02. Combat Pour L'Avenir
03. Bats Toi
04. Tout Le Monde Est Responsable
05. C'est Fatal
06. Halte Au Terrorisme

Superb little unknown French Oi!/RAC band from the 90's. They only released this demo and featured the  France Explosion Vol.2 with 2 mastered songs in 1996. Seems nobody has seemed to heard about them before so i'll upload the demo and a song on youtube.

tisdag 9 april 2013

Frakass - S/t CD (1997)

Oi!/RAC from France
01. Intro
02. Et pour vivre
03. Mesaventure
04. Legitime defonce
05. Unite
06. Heritiers effaces
07. Tricolore
08. Vertige dans la sphere
09. Le chatiments
10. Les VIII commandements de...
11. S.O.S. en peril sur les terres
12. Trahison II

Released by LUG Records in 1997.

One of the hardest and best French albums from the 90's. Fans of Les Vilains and older French Oi! will feel right at home.

Frakass - Heritiers effaces

söndag 7 april 2013

Nick 13 - All alone (video)

How in the hell did i miss one of my favourite singers back in early 00's branching out into a solo country-project? Planning second album ey, how in the world did i miss the first one?

torsdag 4 april 2013

Voices Of Belleville - East Side 7'' (1999)

Oi! from France
01. V.O.B.
02. Salariés
03. Rien regretter
04. Hoolie hoolie

Released by Decadents & Corrompus Skinheads in 1999.

Nice and hard French Oi! with a nice little nod towards Symarips now classic albumcover for Moonstomp.

tisdag 2 april 2013

The Cure - Killing an arab 7'' (1978)

Post punk/New wave from England
01. 10:15 Saturday night
02. Killing an arab

Released by Small Wonder Records in 1978.

Killing an arab (Official video)

The Monsters - I see dead people CD (2002)

Garage rock/Punkrock from Switzerland
01. The love i never had
02. Fuck my brain
03. I see dead people
04. Sonic nightmares (instrumental)
05. Acid dreams
06. Oh wrong
07. The other man
08. I'm going away girl
09. Kiss you dead
10. Boss
11. And then you cry...
12. You know why
13. Burn in flames
14. Digging my grave

Released by Voodoo Rhythm Records in 2002.

The most mainstream and least strange album by Beat-man and his cult-followers, also one of the best records ever released in any genre. The album mixes around early surfsound with a tough of rockabilly and punk but i guess the right tag for it is garage rock since the basement sound is dominant the whole album through.

Monsters - The love i never had