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tisdag 2 april 2013

The Monsters - I see dead people CD (2002)

Garage rock/Punkrock from Switzerland
01. The love i never had
02. Fuck my brain
03. I see dead people
04. Sonic nightmares (instrumental)
05. Acid dreams
06. Oh wrong
07. The other man
08. I'm going away girl
09. Kiss you dead
10. Boss
11. And then you cry...
12. You know why
13. Burn in flames
14. Digging my grave

Released by Voodoo Rhythm Records in 2002.

The most mainstream and least strange album by Beat-man and his cult-followers, also one of the best records ever released in any genre. The album mixes around early surfsound with a tough of rockabilly and punk but i guess the right tag for it is garage rock since the basement sound is dominant the whole album through.

Monsters - The love i never had

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