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fredag 28 december 2012

Ol' cunts - Rock'n'roll bastards LP (2007)

Rock'n'roll/Oi! from France
01. We are the cunts
02. No hate
03. My mates
04. Disgrace
05. Don't understand
06. Liberty
07. You're a victim
08. Remember you
09. The rest is history
10. Never spent (Piano!!!)
11. Copper
12. My broken dreams

Released by Les Troubadours Du Chaos in 2007.

Through and through a solid record reminding me about how good early punkrock like Skrewdrivers where when i first got into them. As most times when a band comes from France their English is a bit of sounding somewhat like their Japanese counterparts. But who cares about pronunciation when a band rocks this hard. Only real problem is that it took me 5 years to find out it even existed.
A must have!!

Performing No hate in 2009

lördag 22 december 2012

Crane de fer - Fête Noël 7'' (2006) and season greetings

..and a merry juletide to you all.

 Oi! from France
01. La dérive
02. La fille du père noël
03. Réveillon à malakoff

Released by Chaos En Flandres in 2006.

Appearently i love Christmas songs as long as i don't have to understand the lyrics. Excellent little ep.

söndag 16 december 2012

T.S.T. - No teenage future LP (1982)

Punk from Sweden
01. No teenage future
02. The clash
03. So lonely
04. 6 million
05. Song of victory
06. Third world war
07. It's a crime to be young
08. Secret love
09. People dying
10. Västerås punx

Released by Modernes Pop Records in 1982.

Dark and heavy hardcorepunk from early 80's.

No teenage future

fredag 14 december 2012

Dioxina - Nessuna Pietà LP (1985)

Oi! from Italy
01. Armageddon
02. Una voce chiama
03. Notte di peccato
04. Noi siamo il male
05. Città maledetta
06. Nessuna pietà

Released by R.I.P. Records in 1985.

Metal influenced Oi! or RAC influenced punk what the hell do i know. Even though their sound is a bit chaotic it still rocks in that old 80's RAC fashion that we all love (atleast track 5). Only release by the band.

The arrogants - Hangover philosophy CD (2004)

Oi! from Italy
01. Social disease
02. Kick kick kick
03. I'm a rapist
04. Queer bashing
05. Boring
06. Horrorshow
07. Teenage kicks (Cover)
08. Wannabe
09. Fat girls
10. Right to choose
11. Violent weekender
12. Runaway
13. Cannibal Cafe
14. They call me arrogant
15. Hangover philosophy
16. Hippie hunter (bonus from old comp)

Released by Barracuda in 2004.

The sound of Combat 84 and the lyrics of Antiseen one cant really go wrong. Fantastic band that dissapeared as fast as they appeared, damn shame.

Hippie hunter

The arrogants - Here come the arrogants 12'' EP (2003)

Oi! from Italy
01. Right to choose
02. Learn to hate
03. They call me arrogant
04. Runaway

Released by Barracuda in 2003.

The infamous hippiehunters from Italy's first proper release. The RPM on the first two tracks goes up and down which makes me suspect a bent vinyl exposed to to much sunlight. Even so it features a track not on their later full-length so well worth a download if you havnt got it already. B-side also features my alltime favourite song by the band with the excellent lyrics: "People wearing fine clothes, people looking good./People loving people, not like me and you./Runaway! Runaway! Runaway! Runaway!"

måndag 10 december 2012

Kareliaani - Free North CD (2010)

Oi!/Viking rock from Finland
01. Free north
02. Kustaf Horn
03. Let the fires burn
04. Torsten Stålhandske

Released by Hakkapeliitta in 2010.

A demo sold in DVD-cases and limited to 100 copies, cant see it for sale anywhere so i guess it's fair game to upload it. If anyone from the band wants it removed then please contact me through the email.
Some creative and dark Viking rock with a Neo-folk twist going on. Some intresting intresting lyrics about old warriors and kings from Finland and Sweden.
Finlands war is Swedens war!

Free north

Fist Season - Hate in your face Demo (1998)

Oi! from Finland
01. Tribulation
02. Liberal sheep
03. Streetfight
04. Lagered up
05. Bring back the old days
06. Oi!tro

As raw and unpolished as both demo's and sounds come but still some decent songs on it.

lördag 8 december 2012

Lions pride - Protect and serve (video)

A Belgian band that i dont know if i should laugh or cheer when i hear. Their way of mixing old metal with modern punk is quite wierd but there is still something charming about it (especially the singers voice). Pro-european lyrics but nothing hateful so dont go about crying.

The Termites - Devils (video)

Great redneck feeling to the song even though the band is from England.

Aggrolites - Dont let me down (video)

 Superb cover of this old Beatles classic. Recorded live back in 2006. Wait for the break at 4:22, fucking amazing.

söndag 2 december 2012

Sales Batards Fuckin' Crew - Why? Coz We Luv U 7' (2004) '

Oi! from France
01. Victimes de l'oppression
02. American shit

Released by Bords De Seine in 2004.

English sounding French Oi! band that where unknown to me until 3 weeks ago. Heavy heavy first track.

lördag 1 december 2012

Lost in translation #004: Gatans lag - Hata folk

Not really the most mature lyrics but one of the better Swedish Oi! anthems of later years. Since this band only sings in Swedish i am surprised anyone had had of them before, but here you go.

I've got an itch that I cant scratch
I can hardly breathe when I walk through my town
It's like a shitty fucking allergy
I want to strike you all down when you pass me by

I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!

I dont discriminate i hate everyone
My hatred is growing stronger, im turning anti-social.
I hate people on the bus, everyone deserves a beating
I hate fat fucking bastards and people who work out

I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!

This whole world is beautiful, our lakes and our forests.
The flowers and animals, the moon and our sun
But one day something went wrong, our creator he messed up
This animal walked on two legs, and went around slaughtering

I hate retired cunts all old folks smells like shit. 
If I ever get that old i will take my life
Me myself i am perfect, almost everything i do is good.
And i envy anyone who gets to hang be me

I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!
I hate you, I hate people!