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fredag 14 december 2012

Dioxina - Nessuna Pietà LP (1985)

Oi! from Italy
01. Armageddon
02. Una voce chiama
03. Notte di peccato
04. Noi siamo il male
05. Città maledetta
06. Nessuna pietà

Released by R.I.P. Records in 1985.

Metal influenced Oi! or RAC influenced punk what the hell do i know. Even though their sound is a bit chaotic it still rocks in that old 80's RAC fashion that we all love (atleast track 5). Only release by the band.

4 kommentarer:

  1. According to the book "Italia Skinhead: La discografia su vinile 1982-2007", this band became more like a metal band than a punk/Oi!/hardcore band circa 1985. Before that, they used to play with Nabat, Rough and other left wing bands

  2. Yeah thats what i got to, wierd thing is this is one of the few Italian skinhead bands where every single member had a "skinhead appearal". Most other bands often had a metalhead in their ranks doin the guitars and stuff.

  3. RAC my ass, you trash! Dioxina are an antifa band

    1. Since you seem to be a bit retarded i should ignore you but here i go anyway.
      Never claimed the band is an RAC band and clearly write "Metal influenced Oi! or RAC influenced punk" meaning the band has a (just like it says in black and white) RAC sound. If you have ever listened to RAC you would also claim that they sound RAC.