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fredag 28 februari 2014

Sole - I think i'm Ben Bernanke (Music video)

Lets end this Friday update with some hiphop (what?). Those who are not openminded (both politically and musically) can scroll down for the Oi! and punk.

The Pints - Fuck Politicians 7'' (2000)

Oi!/Punk from Sweden
01. Fuck politicians
02. Running around in circles

Released by Cold Hell Records in 2000.

With members from Dim's Rebellion on backing vocals.

Fuck politicians

Perverts - Ronka! 7'' (1979)

Punk from Sweden
01. Ronka! (Masturbate!)
02. Du 'e plast (You're fake)
03. En massa lögner (Lies)

Released by Dolores Records in 1979.

Superb 77 punk from Gothenburg Sweden with Freddie Wadling of later Cortex fame on guitar. Songs about bastards in the media, being yourself and jerking off whenever one bloody wants to (haha).


Offside - The Kick-Off CD (2001)

Oi! from Netherlands
01. Defend
02. Skinhead anthem
03. Saturday's army
04. For you
05. Journey to Valhalla
06. Parasite
07. Aint 69 anymore
08. I don't give a fuck
09. Bulldog breed
10. Way of life (not a fashion)
11. Punch
12. Fake warrior
13. Yeah!
14. Drink dit

Released by NorDisc in 2001.

(Not to be confuced by the Malaysian band with the same name) Has a distinctly dutch sound and those who like bands like Razorblade will probably enjoy this as well. Don't know much about the band (but i know i've heard that singer before) and i think this is the only release.

Skinhead Anthem

söndag 23 februari 2014

The Oi!lers - Street tunes for the boys CD (2005)

Oi!/Punk from Greece
01. Our rules
02. The blame on you
03. Hooligans utd
04. Leopard skin jacket
05. Screaming at the wall
06. Going psycho (Oppressed cover)
07. Riot

Selfreleased by the band in 2005.

lördag 22 februari 2014

Jobseekers - Countdown to landfill (music video)

New video and great song from this Irish punkband. Download their first album for free at bandcamp.

torsdag 20 februari 2014

Skinkorps - Faut assurer demo cassette (1984)

Oi!/RAC from France
01. Paris est en guerre
02.  CC
03. Je te hais
04. Skinhead
05. Mercenaire
06. Je tue je viole
07. Aggression
08. Skins de France
09. l'amour dans les cimetieres
10. Epave humaine
11. Barbie
12. Gros degeulasse
13. Hero de la troisieme guerre mondiale
14. Mechoui sur l'a 6
15. Jojo collabos
16. Victimes
17. Vive la biere

They simply don't make them like this no more.

Je Te Hais (LP version)

4-skins - Seems to me/Norman 7'' (1983)

Punk/Oi! from England
01. Seems to me
02. Norman

Pressed by Secret Records in 1983 but never got an official release. As far as i know it was given away as promotional material.

Tropel - Demo CD (2003)

Oi! from Brazil
01. Cidades fantasmas
02. De volta ao bar
03. Nova guerra
04. Tropel punk
05. Velhas historias

Rough, patriotic and way above "demo quality". The band would release their first album 4 years later through Skins Attack.

Tropel Punk

söndag 9 februari 2014

Kalevalan Viikingit - Hakkapeliitta EP CD (2007)

Oi! from Finland
01. Oolannin sota
02. Hakkapeliitta
03. Viipurin pamaus
04. Northern skinhead viking
05. Muuttuneet kadut

Selfreleased by the band in 2007.

Great band mixing old folkmusic from Finland with vikingrock and Oi!. Intresting sound and even more intresting politics since they are "Swedish friendly" (those with any knowledge about Scandinavian history know what i mean) something i thought was long dead with the recent demand by finns to have Swedish removed as a national language in schools.