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onsdag 11 december 2013

Stop asking for re-uploads and new links!!!!

Thought i made myself clear the first time around. Me keeping the links updated would costs about 20 bucks a month with the sheer size of all  records uploaded on my sites since 2008 and with shit getting removed here and there it will never be complete and i simply don't have the time to upload something everytime it goes down. Visit www.slsknet.com and download the software for free. Follow the step by step instructions and there should really be no problems with it. If anyone still has problems with understanding the basics of soulseek then contact me (but it's not that hard). The soulseek system should work and the more that get on the wagon the less money those fuckers at rapidshare etc will earn. If not for me then do it for satan.

The New Breed - Day to day... CD (2001)

Punk/Oi! from Canada
01. Fight back
02. Blue collar blues
03. The times
04. No regrets
05. This world
06. Day to day
07. Resolution
08. Way of life
09. Another night
10. Can't bring me down
11. Wasted youth
12. Beer
13. We believe
14--hidden track--

Released by Blind Beggar Records in 2001.

Didnt know about this record until earlier this year and  can't believe i had missed such a killer album. It's soft Oi! mixed with streetpunk with one of the sickest vocalists i have ever heard. Underdog theme going through the whole album and only a handfull of songs are less than fantastic.

This world

L.R.F. - Six day's rage 7'' (1996)

Oi! from Japan
01. Dead end factory job
02. You're fired
03.  Rebels for a weekend

Released by Cranes Blases Records in 1996.

A rougher and punkier sound than they usually have but just as good, especially the first track.

Sledge Hammer & Bull The Buffalos - Return from the rising sun LP (1993)

SSS from Japan
01. Sledge hammer - Kampf
02. Sledge hammer - Action man
03. Bull the buffalos - Smash it up
04. Bull the buffalos - Stop immigration
05. Bull the buffalos - Obtain the right

Released by Kamikaze Records in 1993.

One of the most complete Asian "skinhead related" releases ever. The sound is pure brutality with Kampf setting the standard for how SSS should sound.


söndag 8 december 2013

V/A - Ookami no utage CD (1994)

SSS from Japan
01. Sledge hammer - Shikon
02. Sledge hammer - Turugi
03. Ouka - Fudoudamasii
04. Ouka - Fenkuu
05. Raiya - Owarinaki tatakai
06. Raiya - Rising sun
07. Growl strike - Inoti haterumade
08. Growl strike - Saizensen
09. Aggro knuckle - Unmask
10. Aggro knuckle - Smash the wall
11. Eastern youth - Seikatumujyou

Released by Sakamoto Shouten in 1994.

A CD also known as Wolfparty and 狼の宴 in kanji. Released by Eastern Youth's own recordlabel right before they started dressing in hawaiishirts and playing alternative radiorock.

Aggro knuckle - Unmask

Sledge Hammer & Ouka - Split 7'' (1992)

SSS from Japan
01. Sledge hammer - Patriot
02. Ouka - Low life
03. Ouka - Pride

Released by Steve Priest Fanclub in 1992.

Patriot (Live at 90's gig)

lördag 7 december 2013

Sledge Hammer - New dawn warriors 7'' (1992)

SSS from Japan
01. New dawn warriors
02. Keep your mind strong

Released by New Bleed! Records in 1992.

Baws - Like let's have a ball 7'' (1984)

Oi!/Punk from Japan
01. Like let's have a ball!
02. B.A.W.S.
03. No coward

Released by ADK Records in 1984.

Raiya - Keep to protect CD (1997)

SSS/Oi! from Japan
01. Unfeeling blood
02. Can't be defeated
03. Another man
04. Highest pride
05. Keep to protect
06. Does prostater
07. 暗れ暗れと唯
08. Knavish trick
09. 反逆となりて

Released by HG Fact in 1997.

Less known album but as good as most of the classic SSS records out there. The album is called 罪無人 or in western letters "Owarinaki Tatakai" which translates into Keep to protect, probably one of many reasons why it's not that known in the west. Hard samurai sound with heavy drums, intense guitars with a rock feeling to it and some great singalong anthems as choruses. Killer record in my oppinion.

Another man

Ouka - Samurai Spirit Skinhead 7'' (2007)

SSS from Japan
01. Fudo tamashi
02. Amazora
03. Boot Boyz (91 Demo version)

Released by Fuck The World Records in 2007.

Gruesome - Atavus 7'' (1995)

Oi! from Japan
01. Betrayer
02. Atavus

Released by Sun grab in 1995.

Not your average Oi! right here but more on the balladic power side of punkrock. Excellent EP with some wierd cover that i cant figure out more than "it's Japan".


fredag 6 december 2013

V/A - Japanese Movement Vol.1 LP (1988) plus unreleased Vol.2

Oi!/SSS from Japan
01. Humpty dumpty - Hill house
02. Bad Vultures - Oi! Oi! power
03. Bull the dougs - Next time smash
04. JM Cracker Jacks -  They love money

--unreleased vol.2--
01. JM Warmachine - Our flag
02. L.R.F. - The only one
03. Humpty dumpty - Monroe's dead
04. Bull the dougs - Long live.....

A 12'' EP released through JM Records in 1988. A second volume was planned for release in 1989 but JM went broke and it never got released.

A political record with next to no political bands on it (with Bad Vultures being the exception). Humpty dumpty even went on to play crustish sounding punk later on. Anyway a superb compilation that most ignore because of it's nationalistic approach and a certain tattoo on the cover.

Humpty dumpty - Hill house

Raise A Flag - Demo Cassette (1994)

Oi! from Japan

First track on side 2 called Hata Jou is not about hate at all but means something like "On flag" in some crappy direct translation. Selfreleased by the band offcourse.

We are the skinheads (Live in 2012)

Cracker Jacks - We wanna drink bear 7'' (1987)

Oi! from Japan
01. Drink beer
02. Brink beer part 2
03. Frosty smile
04. Drunken night

Released by Human Records in 1987.

Only one good song on this EP but what a great song it is. They like beer.

torsdag 5 december 2013

Sledge Hammer - Blood Awake! LP (2006)

SSS/Oi! from Japan
01. Blood awake!
02. Keep your mind strong
03. Werewolf
04. Anthem
05. We assault you

Released by Vulture Rock in 2006.

This release is as simple as they come since Vulture only took the bands old demo from 1992 and pressed it, took an empty LP cover and glued a printed A5 with info on it. Still a wonderfull release and that song anthem is still killer even in this crappy demo-quality.

Anthem (studio version)

Bad vultures - High vultage 7'' (1993)

Oi! from Japan
01. Gang up
02. Oi! Oi! Power
03. Out of control (live)

Released as a re-issue of Gang Up EP in 1993. The release features different sogns from the first release and was made by an early incarnation of Vulture Rock called Vulturock Records.

söndag 1 december 2013

Hardsell - Bark of the underdog CD (2001)

Oi! from Netherlands
01. Ballad of the working man
02. Sunburn
03. Wanna fight?
04. Finally
05. Holiday in the sun
06. The underdog
07. Heroes of the weekend
08. Who's the real
09. Girl next door
10. Pass the bottle
11. Satan is a skinhead
12. Today/Tomorrow
13. --Bonus--

Released by Hit Records in 2001.

Satan is a skinhead (Live in Belgium)
(haha cant remember i ever had that argument on youtube 6 years ago)

Witchfinder General - Death Penalty CD (1996 re-release)

Doom Metal from England
01. Invisible hate
02. Free country
03. Death penalty
04. No stayer
05. Witchfinder general
06. Burning a sinner
07. R.I.P.

Was originally released on LP in 1982 by Heavy Metal Records.

Nudity sells otherwise i would never have borrowed that old LP from a friends older brother as a kid. Good stoner metal by a band that never quite got the respect they deserved.

Free country