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söndag 30 juni 2013

The kings of nuthin' - Get busy livin' or get busy dyin' CD (2003)

Swingabilly (did i just make that up) from America
01. Let it burn
02. King for a day
03. Other side of hope
04. Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'
05. Playing the fool
06. Miss April
07. King of nuthin'
08. Boston bound
09. My hometown
10. Drive all night
11. Shit out of luck

Released by Bad Dog Records in 2003.

Fantastic band that sticks out thanks to their singer and swing-sound. Track number four is bloody phenomenal and sort of sad since Torr Skoog the bands frontman commited suicide a couple of days ago. Just goes to show that life grinds a little bit to hard sometimes.

Band promo

Get busy livin or get busy dyin (piano!!)

fredag 28 juni 2013

FDS - Paranoia 7'' (1980)

Punkrock from Sweden
01. Arabien
02. Beskyddarglädje
03. Kemisk lycka
04. Paranoia

Selfreleased by the band in 1980.

Great and unknown little band from Rågsved with songs against Islam, chemical drugs and authority.


tisdag 25 juni 2013

Coffin Fly - Eat.Breed.Obey CD (2010)

Rockabilly from America
01. Creature boogie woogie
02. Mutated cow
03. Everything a woman need
04. For a dead friend
05. Eat it up
06. Howlin at the moon
07. My baby don't love me
08. Death cries

Selfreleased by the band for free in 2010.

Yes. The young and obscure Delaware band that i keep talking about on this hidden blogg. They are still alive and still as current as ever delivering something good in a genre that i most often can't stand and quite often laugh and point fingers at. They do it versatile and they do it with a ton more passion than any make-up band in clownmasks will ever do. Their songs range from pure psychobilly/horrorpunk to more laid back blues-ish rocknroll and even venture into pure country music on some songs. Someone sign this band already.

Death Cries

onsdag 19 juni 2013

Mindjive - Green grass CD (1993)

Rock from Sweden
01. My way
02. Jive
03. Digging up
04. Another view

Released by Burning Heart in 1993.

One of my foundest concert memories is being 13 years old sipping Baileys and watching this band perform at the fantastic Eldslandet (RIP) in Jönköping. Today this sound has little to offer me but as a young delinquent this grungy "hardcore funk" was the shit.

Another View

Shuffle - We are Tokyo skins 7'' (1987)

Oi! from Japan
01. Skinhead Boy
02. Good luck fanx
03. Skinnikids

Released by Office Para in 1987.

Blue Collar Boys - Demo

01. Beers and cheers
02. Canada first
03. Canadian way
04. My rifle

Excellent Canadian band that never got any "hype" or recognition and later branched of into other projects like The Brutes and the nowdays active True Grit. Don't know exactly when this demo was recorded but i recall hearing it for the first time in early 2009 so i guess 2008 or 2007?

V/A - France Explosion Vol.2 CD (1996)

RAC/Oi! compilation from France
01. Decadence culture - Decadence
02. Decadence culture - Cauchemar ou realite
03. Decadence culture - Fin de siecle
04. Crucifies - Combat
05. Crucifies - Marche solitaire
06. Crucifies - Unissons nous
07. Frakass - Ni rouge ni mort
08. Frakass - La fourmiliere
09. Frakass - Trahison
10. Action dissidente - Envies meutrieres
11. Action dissidente - Tout arreter
12. Action dissidente - Je me plains
13. Oiffensive - Force de frappe
14. Oiffensive - Mr. Beretta
15. Oiffensive - Guerrier blanc
17. Iron fist - Mediacratie
18. Iron fist - Debout
19. Excalibur - Halte au terrorisme
20. Excalibur - Tout le monde Est Responsable
21. SDF - Skinheads De France
22. SDF - Clockwork legion

Released by PIT Records in 1996.

Second volume of the Explosion series featuring great RAC bands like Excalibur and Frakass mixed with more non-political bands such as SDF. (Missing one song by Iron Fist)

Excalibur - Tout Le Monde Est Rresponsable

måndag 17 juni 2013

Plastic Gangsters - Orages D'Acier 7'' (1990)

Punk/Oi! from France
01. Orages d'acier
02. Ballade des berrets vert
03. Commemoration

Released by S.P.E. Records in 1990.

Good and shortlived punkband from France.


Blood Red Eagle - An evil shall break forth CD (2003)

Oi!/Viking Metal from Australia
01. Thunderer
02. David Hicks
03. Attack
04. Blinded
05. From south to north
06. This is viking rock
07. The heathen hath come
08. Fatherland (Ultima Thule cover)

Released by Viking Thunder Records in 2003.

Branded nazi's but no songs never really dealt in hate. Most songs are targeted at modern religion (which from my knowledge has millions of more corpses under their belts than any "nazi's"). Whatever political group any member might be a part of or what they like on their sandwiches are beyond my interest. Enjoy the music and keep burning down them churches. Heathen uprise!

This is viking rock

Bitter Bois - We outdrink you 7'' (1998)

Oi! from Finland
01. We outdrink you
02. The trinity
03. Strength thru Oi!
04. Watch out!

Released by Stupido Records in 1998.

söndag 16 juni 2013

The Posers - Worse than nothing 7'' (1998)

Punk/Hardcore from Canada
01. Through my eyes
02. Nowhere and fast
03. Body Bag (Effegies cover)
04. Fuck off and die

Released by Oink! Records in 1998.

My copy of the EP was to damaged to even make a decent rip from so thanks to Brian Guy for the rip (my phot's though). Good hybrid of faster HC punk with Oi! influences.

Emergency - 1,2,3,4 CD (2004)

Oi! from Canada
01. What you gonna do?
02. Won't tell you again
03. Idol generation
04. State of emergency
05. Don't wanna be like you
06. Army life
07. I ain't listening
08. Wasted lifes
09. New town animal
10. You
11. Teenage fallout
12. Your society

Released by Step-1-Music in 2004.
Why do you feel so strong?/About why you think i'm wrong?

What you gonna do?

V/A - Capitol Kaos LP (1984)

Compilation from New Zeeland
01. Ayrian army - Filthy punk rocker
02. Riot III - Riot fever
03. No tag - What a great country
04. Flesh d-vice - Dead girls
05. Desparate measures - 1984
06. Riot III - Move to riot
07. 1st XV - Facist tango
08. 1st XV - Do the jug
09. 1st XV - Residential background
10. 1st XV - Pulled off
11. Riot III - Ake ake ake
12. Final solution - Never can tell
13. Desolator - You're gonna go down
14. Aftershock - You don't look
15. Flesh d-vice - Fuck off embarassment
16. Zyklon-B - Youth on our side (bonus)

Released by Jayrem Records in 1984.

Live-recordings from New Zeeland by various anarcho, spiky and short cropped bands. Well worth a download for Zyklon-B's song "Youth on our side" alone.
You think you're so cool cause you're over 21/Now you better watch out 'cause you're gonna get done

lördag 15 juni 2013

The Pietasters - Out all night CD (1998)

Ska from America
01. Out all night
02. Freakshow
03. Under my thumb (Rolling Stones cover)
04. Soul sammich

Released by Hellcat Records in 1998 on both EP and CD.

Just like Aggrolites they are on the funkier side of Ska. Good barbeque music or when fiddeling with the Monarscoot or both at the same time.

Out all night (official video)

fredag 14 juni 2013

Medborgargardet - Complete collection

Oi! from Sweden
01. Headstrong
02. Paid to lie
03. Sweat'n'toil
04. Traitor
05. You are to blame
06. Truth will prevail
07. Rebel heart

This is their Headstrong demo and also added their songs from various compilation. As far as i know this is all songs by the band (might have missed some, dont know).
Shortlived but great band consisting of members from Torpedo Göteborg and the Swedish ska-band USCB Allstars. GAIS!!!

Rebel Heart

torsdag 13 juni 2013

Torpedo Göteborg - Gatans Musik Demo (2007)

Rock/Punk from Sweden
01. Du ska dö
02. Vad har du för val?
03. Nu har det spårat ur
04. Släpp loss

The band released their first proper album a couple of months ago. First demo by the band before they changed their name to Torpedo GBG. Chares members with Medborgargardet. GAIS!!!

Du ska dö

tisdag 4 juni 2013

Die Hards - Demo cassette (1985)

Oi!/RAC from England
01. Razorblade nightmare
02. Vengeance
03. Skinheads '85
04. We ain't scared of no one
05. You're a diehard
06. White working class man

A band that where part of the whole White Noise/RAC movement in the 80's but this demo is completly devoid of racial hatred and whatnot. Good band and surprisingly good sound quality.

We aint scared of no one