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söndag 16 juni 2013

V/A - Capitol Kaos LP (1984)

Compilation from New Zeeland
01. Ayrian army - Filthy punk rocker
02. Riot III - Riot fever
03. No tag - What a great country
04. Flesh d-vice - Dead girls
05. Desparate measures - 1984
06. Riot III - Move to riot
07. 1st XV - Facist tango
08. 1st XV - Do the jug
09. 1st XV - Residential background
10. 1st XV - Pulled off
11. Riot III - Ake ake ake
12. Final solution - Never can tell
13. Desolator - You're gonna go down
14. Aftershock - You don't look
15. Flesh d-vice - Fuck off embarassment
16. Zyklon-B - Youth on our side (bonus)

Released by Jayrem Records in 1984.

Live-recordings from New Zeeland by various anarcho, spiky and short cropped bands. Well worth a download for Zyklon-B's song "Youth on our side" alone.
You think you're so cool cause you're over 21/Now you better watch out 'cause you're gonna get done

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