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tisdag 25 juni 2013

Coffin Fly - Eat.Breed.Obey CD (2010)

Rockabilly from America
01. Creature boogie woogie
02. Mutated cow
03. Everything a woman need
04. For a dead friend
05. Eat it up
06. Howlin at the moon
07. My baby don't love me
08. Death cries

Selfreleased by the band for free in 2010.

Yes. The young and obscure Delaware band that i keep talking about on this hidden blogg. They are still alive and still as current as ever delivering something good in a genre that i most often can't stand and quite often laugh and point fingers at. They do it versatile and they do it with a ton more passion than any make-up band in clownmasks will ever do. Their songs range from pure psychobilly/horrorpunk to more laid back blues-ish rocknroll and even venture into pure country music on some songs. Someone sign this band already.

Death Cries

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