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tisdag 29 maj 2012

No class - Rien à faire CD (1995)

Punk/Oi! from France
01. On est baisé
02. Tous ces cons (Ethilique)
03. Jah
04. Rien à faire
05. Dr. Klein
06. Liberté

Released by Combat Rock in 1995.

Not the most skilled punkband out there but still a great sounding one. This is a re-release on CD of their original EP from 1984 with 2 additional tracks.

söndag 27 maj 2012

Birthward 82 - Fireworks 7'' (1983)

Punk/Oi! from Greece
01. The greatest war
02. Idiot's power
03. Modern trouble

Released by Happening Records in 1983.

Only release i know of before they turned into a hardcore band. Modern trouble is a bloody great song even with the somewhat broken English.

Birthward 82 - Demo (1982)

Punk/Oi! from Greece
01. Bullet
02. Walk on my way
03. Welcome

Great (and might even be the first) Greek Oi!-sounding band. Would later reform as a hardcore band under the name Birthward.

fredag 25 maj 2012

Lionheart - Dont come near me CD (1991)

Oi! from UK
01. Tappit and spillit
02. Cradle to the grave
03. Don't come near me
04. Bullshitter
05. Ready now
06. Morris dancers revenge
07. It's so easy
08. Any takers
09. Breakfast with Bernhard
10. When?

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1991.

The non-political sideproject from the brothers (atleast i think they where) in Lionheart. Pure Oi! with some mainstream influences (Breakfast with Bernhard) and without the political lyrics. A record that has sadly gone way over most peoples radar because of the bands political past, also the best record in my oppinion (probably because the more laid back lyrics).

Lionheart - Chasing dreams LP (1990)

RAC/Oi! from UK
01. Bled dry
02. The liberal lie
03. Until we die
04. Soldiers of right
05. No limitations
06. Tyrant
07. Slay the saracen
08. White blues
09. Parasitic breed
10. Show the people

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1990.

Not the best of albums but still made intresting with the female vocalist. The song Until we die is an anthem for anthems no matter what political stance you might take. Got re-released on CD in 1995.

torsdag 24 maj 2012

Lionheart - Sign of the times 7'' (1990)

Oi!/RAC from UK
01. Fight
02. To late
03. A nation divided

Released by Rebelles Européens in 1990.

Forgotten band from UK's second RAC wave. Dropped their singer in 1991 and reformed as a nonpolitical Oi! band.

Antisocial - New punks Cassette (1982)

Oi! from UK
01. Bollocks
02. You can't even dream
03. Anti war
04. New punks
05. Union jack
06. Live n let live
07. Brick wall

Released by Beat The System in 1982.

A cassette from there early days when they hung around and did shows with Skrewdriver, something most PC punks who adore the band has turned a blind eye to.

onsdag 23 maj 2012

Frontlash & Angry youth - Split 7'' (2000)

01. Frontlash - The march of frontlash crew
02. Frontlash - Our fight
03. Angry youth - United together
04. Angry youth - Faith in youth
05. Angry youth - Fire still burns

Released by Unity Is All in 2000.

Bought in Jönköping at Klasses where EP's cost 40:- instead of the double price i payed for that other EP in Stockholm.... fucking hipsters. Some non-swedes might think the bandmembers look like mongoloids but its not the case. Its called "snus" a tobacco we put under our frontlips and therefor makes us look like apes.

Frontlash - STHLM HC 7'' (1999)

02. Together
03. Working class

Released by Roughtrade in 1999.

Found in a trendy hipsterstore/secondhand on "Södermalm" in Stockholm while looking for a scooterhelmet.

söndag 20 maj 2012

Fuck yeah!!!! Vol.2

About 2 years ago i used to run a site called Fuck Yeah!!!! but after i recieved an invitation to join the crew at Downunderground i decided to delete the page and use their site instead...... then came the crackdown on uploaders. All my records at Megaupload and Mediafire got deleted. That and the constant complaints from the politicall fascists at the site about me not being politically correct made me ragequit and leave the site (still a great site and still good people running the site today though).

But for anyone who cares the Fuck Yeah!!!! site is back in action and even though it wont be as frequently updated as my site about US Oi! i will try to do atleast one post a week or whenever i have the time. The site will feature music from all genres and all over the world whenever i feel i have purchased or found something great or rare (god knows those two dont go hand in hand). The focus will be punk and Oi! but i will also be posting hardcore, crust, rac, ska, new wave, rock, yeah even disco if i feel the record has any musical value. Basicly me doing my own thing again.