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tisdag 29 maj 2012

No class - Rien à faire CD (1995)

Punk/Oi! from France
01. On est baisé
02. Tous ces cons (Ethilique)
03. Jah
04. Rien à faire
05. Dr. Klein
06. Liberté

Released by Combat Rock in 1995.

Not the most skilled punkband out there but still a great sounding one. This is a re-release on CD of their original EP from 1984 with 2 additional tracks.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Love old french oi/punk, any hidden gems your hiding?


  2. DOnt know whats rare and whats average really. Anything in perticulair your looking for?

  3. I dont know if anything exists but any old/early stuff from the brigades from the chaos en france comp. I have some album that seems to be a collection of songs of theirs but none of it sounds like the original singer or that original sound.

    1. Then you have more then me sir. All i have are the songs from said comp.

  4. Hi guys ! it was 2 bands called Brigades, one from Bordeaux (south of France) on the compilation Chaos en France vol.2 and they have 2 demos tape, one from '82 and the other from'84. The second band The Brigades are from Paris , they started in '82 and split on '89. They maked 2 singles in '82 & '83, then "Bombs'n'blood'n'capital" LP in 83, "Ready go punk rockers" mini LP in 84, "Costa del dole" LP 85 and finaly "Yours negatively" in 87. sorry for my band english spoken.

  5. PLEASE re-upload this man. if it happens please asnwer me :(