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torsdag 28 juni 2012

Monster - Honour your friends CD (1995)

Ska/Punkrock from Sweden
01. The boots, the haircut
02. Longest line
03. Bright citizen
04. No factory
05. Fragrance of luxury

Released by Deaf & Dumb Records in 1995.

Today most of the members have commercially succesfull careers in the musicindustry and the majority have no idea about their "skinhead history". Great band that i keep comming back to every summer.

Musicvideo for Longest line

Witchfinder general - Burning a sinner 7'' (1981)

Doom Metal from England
01. Burning a sinner
02. Satans children

Released by Heavy Metal Records in 1981.

Debutalbum by the band and as much as their songs are a checkboard of stolen Black Sabbath riffs and songs i can easily say it's my favourite band in the genre. Satans Children is absolutely fantastic.

söndag 24 juni 2012

V/A - Return of the living dead LP (1985)

Punk/New wave compilation
01. The Cramps - Surfin' Dead
02. 45 Grave - Partytime
03. TSOL - Nothing For You
04. The Flesheaters - Without A Face
05. Roky Erickson - Burn The Flames
06. The Damned - Dead Beat Dance
07. Tall Boys - Take A Walk
08. The Jet Black Berries - Love Under Will
09. SSQ - Tonight (we'll make love until we die)
10. SSQ - Trash's Theme

Released by Enigma Records in 1985.

Great movie with great music to go with it. Check out my review of the movie here.

One of the songs

torsdag 21 juni 2012

Lightning beat-man - Beat time 7'' (1996)

Garage rock from Switzerland
01. I hate to dance
02. It's hip to be fucked up

Released by Wild Wild Records in 1996.

Another wierd noize assault by The monsters frontman's onemanband. The theme is anti-hipster and he even goes after modern 77 punkrockers.

Bracewar - United blood DEMO (2009)

Hardcore from America
01. On your own
02. Kill a commie
03. No redemption
04. Plague me

Militant hardcore and pissed hardcore at it's best.

Crooked beat - S/T CD (1999)

SKA from Sweden
01. March of the crooked
02. Women
03. Big bamboo
04. New complexion
05. Devil mouth

Released by AMTY in 1999.

Great label that has started up again (i think) that used to cater happy tunes to the Swedish scene. Like most other newtone bands its really good at times and pure pop-garbage most of the times. Some sun, a cold beer and a big steak fits the record perfect.

måndag 18 juni 2012

Bakers dozen - Ripe for violence 7'' (2001)

Oi! from UK
01. Pick a victim
02. Fire arms offender
03. Ripe for violence

Released by Screwed Up Records in 2001.

Ripe for violence (Live 2009)

Bakers dozen - Divided from the masses CD (2001)

Oi! from UK
01. Rest assured
02. Divided from the masses
03. Sick pay
04. Yesterdays news
05. Rule 43
06. Hell's your place
07. Action first answers later
08. Born liar
09. Hide behind the numbers
10. Ironmonger
11. Work shy
12. Skinheads (Men behaving badly)
13. Soldier of fortune
14. Stay alert
15. Thanxadozen

Released by Pure Impact in 2001.

Classic band that needs no introduction. Later reissued by Blind Beggar on LP in 2006.

söndag 17 juni 2012

Guida - Number 10 (Musicvideo)

From their new EP that can be bought here.

Beergut 100 & Zeměžluč - Split 7'' (1999)

Punk from UK and Czech Republic
01. Beergut 100 - Invitation to violence
02. Beergut 100 - No return (One way system cover)
03. Zeměžluč - Dobro a zlo
04. Zeměžluč - Pisen tohoto naroda

Released by Papagajuv Hlasatel Records in 1999.

Scottish band Beergut 100 with their very Exploited sounding punk mixed with a good Chech group. Top split.

Boisterous - Harry was a hooli! 7'' (1993)

Oi! from UK
01. Harry was a hooli!
02. He died hoping

Released by Hammer Records in 1993.

torsdag 14 juni 2012

Landstorm - Demo (1998)

RAC from Netherlands
01. Banned again
02. Burn the cross
03. March the banner

A brutal take no prisoners kind of RAC reminding me about the old British sound. Contains lyrics that will be offensive to most. At the end of the day it's just music so if you dont like it dont download.

Menace - Screwed up/Insane society 7'' (1977)

Punk from UK
01. Screwed up
02. Insane society

Released by Illegal Records in 1977.

First EP from the now legendary band. Except for Skrewdrivers first LP this is the record that personifies the '77 sound for me. Top EP!

Dr. Zeke - Udda pälsar 7'' (1979)

Punk from Sweden
01. Jag ska aldrig dö (I will never die)
02. Vild i skogen (Wild in the woods)

Released by Schmajlers Rekords in 1979.

The A-side features one of Swedens most classic punksongs, just ignore the femalefronted B-side that has more of a hippiesounding vibe to it.


Portishead is far from a great band and Tetuo: The iron man can be one of the most strange and confucing movies ever made. The combination of these two soso things though is not far from heavenly. I know i fucking love it atleast.

tisdag 12 juni 2012

Blitzkrieg - Never give up 7'' (1997)

Oi!/Punk from Serbia
01. Never give up
02. Prošlost (The past)
03. Robovi vremena
04. Stand alone

Released by Final Vinyl in 1997.

Musicvideo for Never give up

lördag 9 juni 2012

Snutjävel - Selftitled cassette (2004)

Punk from Sweden
01. Skitpunk (Shitpunk)
02. Småstadsterror (Suburban terror)

Released by Räka Produktion in 2004.

Hard fucking punk easilly translated "Copbastard" with a member from Mullsjö, Småland. Always had this one on MP3 and always thought it was an EP untill i found it on cassette last year. Good and fast punk.

Warheads - Selftitled 7'' (1979)

Punk from Sweden
01. Dagen är natt (Day turns night)
02. Desperate
03. Center of lies
04. Herre gud (Oh my god)

Released by RIP Records in 1979.

One of the best punkrecords to come out of Sweden in the 70's if you ask me. A sound that reminds me about modern Templars. Band went on to form various commercial rockbands and keept playing in those untill they reunited as Warheads in 2010.

The song Center of lies live in 2010

tisdag 5 juni 2012

Anti-hund mina - Demo (1985)

Punk from Sweden
01. Grönsakshat (Veggiehate)
02. Mammas pojke (Mama's boy)
03. Trött på det här (Tired of this)
04. Ska hänga honom (Hang him high)

Thanks to Chiftelos for sorting out the tracklist.

Dont have the lyrics for any of the songs but the lyrics are about the following subjects:
1.hating vegetables at the dinnertable
2.taking mama's boy out and showing him a lifestyle of boozing and fucking
3.tired of nine to five life and all that comes with it
4.hanging some poor guy cowboy-style
If my eyes dont decieve me the picture is taken at "Sofia Kyrkan" just 100 meters from my home.

måndag 4 juni 2012

Lightning beat-man - Beam me up Jesus 7'' (1996)

Garage rock from Switzerland
01. Beam me up Jesus
02. Wrestling with Satan
03. Jesus get out of my way

Released by Voodoo Rhythm in 1996.

The madness that is Reverend Beat-man of The monsters has taken many forms, this is probably the most confussing but at the same time one of the most entertaining. One of his first side-projects.

The clay - The middle east combat area 7'' (1984)

Hardcore/Punk from Japan
01. The middle east combat area
02. The demitlitarized neutrality
03. Fight for your rights

Released by Dogma Records in 1984.

Punks playing a quite crustysounding hardcore. Got itself a re-release on CD with aditional tracks in the 90's.

Bull head - Fight or flight CD (1999)

Oi! from Japan
01. Get by
02. あの山を目指して
03. 己をつくりあげろ
04. 舵をとれ
05. Fight or flight
06. United

Released by Clench The Fist in 1999.

Verry classic sounding Oi! for a band out of Japan.

lördag 2 juni 2012

Anti-hund mina - Pyromanen EP (1984)

Punk from Sweden
01. Pyroman
02. Falkeye
03. Hon e med barn

Released by Pissed Records in 1984.

Superb band from my hometown in Sweden with a bandname that translates into "Anti-dog mine". Songs about burning down houses, hating security guards and impregnating girls. Today one of the members runs the local skatepark (as if anyone cares haha).

fredag 1 juni 2012

Les Teckels - I'm not so angry 7'' (2002)

Oi!/Punk from France
01. Not so angry
02. That's enough

Released by Guilty Records in 2002.

Templars meets The clichés after anger management. What an EP!

Les Teckels - Ouah ouah music for working class 12'' (2000)

Oi!/Punk from France
01. She drink's
02. Adolescent (Warrior Kids cover)
03. Montrouge
04. Teckel boys

Released by Wild Wild Records in 2000.

Great Warrior kids cover (more of them in the future).

Les Teckels - Aboivent z'en Français! 7'' (1999)

Oi!/Punk from France
01. Ce qui n'aide pas vraiment
02. La crise de la biere (No pub)

Released by Coquenais Records in 1999.

Piano and Dutch-hound backup vocals... cant really get better than that.

Les Teckels - Selftitled 7'' (1998)

Oi!/Punk from France
01. Change your mind
02. Who's next?
03. We're gonna have a real good time together

Released by Les Troubadours Du Chaos in 1998.

Great band with a rock'n'oi sound going on reminding me about great Swedish bands like The franks and The clichés. Uploaded this bands discography last year on Down Underground but the downloadlinks are all gone now and they need to be heard.