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tisdag 5 juni 2012

Anti-hund mina - Demo (1985)

Punk from Sweden
01. Grönsakshat (Veggiehate)
02. Mammas pojke (Mama's boy)
03. Trött på det här (Tired of this)
04. Ska hänga honom (Hang him high)

Thanks to Chiftelos for sorting out the tracklist.

Dont have the lyrics for any of the songs but the lyrics are about the following subjects:
1.hating vegetables at the dinnertable
2.taking mama's boy out and showing him a lifestyle of boozing and fucking
3.tired of nine to five life and all that comes with it
4.hanging some poor guy cowboy-style
If my eyes dont decieve me the picture is taken at "Sofia Kyrkan" just 100 meters from my home.

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