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fredag 28 mars 2014

Alternate Action & Marching Orders - Split 7'' (2006)

Oi! from Canada & Australia
01. Alternate Action - Keep Running
02. Alternate Action - Dead End Streets
03. Marching Orders - Traitor
04. Marching Orders - Nihilistic

Released by Longshot in 2006.

Marching Orders - Traitor

torsdag 27 mars 2014

The Sedated - Beer, Boots & Seaside Rebels cassette (1982)

Oi! from England
01. Take him away
02. Rebel
03. No solution
04. Here to stay
05. I wont listen to you

Selfreleased by the band in 1982 and then re-issued on vinyl in the 90's (don't own the actual thing so don't know which rip this is but i think it might be the 7'').

One of many great punky Oi! bands from the 80's. This band is most known for their part in the now legendary United Skins comp.

I won't listen to you

Straw Dogs - Dead on arrival 7'' (1991)

Oi! from England
01. Dead on arrival
02. Rock'n'roll disgrace

Released by Hammer Records in 1991.

One of the greatest and yet quite unknown to most casual Oi! listeners out there.

Dead on arrival

March Or Die - Demo (2009)

RAC/Oi! from England
01. Rich kid wanker
02. Traitor
03. Working class
04. Paedophile
05. Strength Thru Oi!
06. Rapist (Combat 84 cover)

NS band featuring the singer from the Oi!band Scum. The band later released a full-length in 2011 called Raise the flag and another one earlier this year called Today Tomorrow Forever.

Strength thru Oi!

fredag 21 mars 2014

Open VIolence - Demo CD (2008)

Oi! from Germany
01. Armes Deutschland
02. Skinhead Rules
03. Mit Dem Kopf Durch Die Wand
04. Letzter Aufstand
05. Hey Bastard!!!
06. Punkrocksupermarkt
07. Rock'n'Roll Blitzkrieg
08. Gewalt Und Hass
09. Party

Proof that the singer doesnt make the band. This band is made up from the leftovers of Kampfzone adding the lead singer from Last Riot after Dennis Stöber left the band to persue more "rightwinged" dreams. Compared to Dennis new project Strongside this band takes home all the trophies and follows in the Kampfzone's footprints of doing rough patriotic Oi!.

Armes Deutschland

Point Blank - Made in China CD (2007)

Oi! from China
01. Made in China
02. City of contrasts
03. Empty shelled life
04. Yue Fei's rage
05. Just another night (Streets of Beijing)
06. Vox Christ
07. Collapse
08. Living in a dream world
09. Bullshit
10. Blood brothers
11. Right here, right now
12. Beijing skins

Released by Bords De Seine in 2007.

Chinese group featuring two "westerners" so one can actually make out what the fuck they are saying in the songs. I guess the second song on the record is supposed to have an "Asian sound" to it but to me as a Scandinavian i get a familiar vikingfeeling when listening to it. Might have plundered back in the days and left some heathen culture behind who knows?

Made in China

V/A - Brutality Part 1 CD (2003)

Horrorcore/Hip hop from America
01. Necro - Im your idol
02. Goretex (feat. Necro) - Dopesick
03. Ill Bill (feat. Necro) - Reign in blood
04. Mr Hyde (feat. Necro) - Street veteran
05. Ill Bill - Swordfish
06. Necro - Anguish & agression
07. Goretex - The big sleep
08. Ill Bill (feat. Necro) - White slavery
09. Goretex (feat. Necro) - Scumbags
10. Ill Bill (feat. Necro) - Frank Zito
11. Ill Bill (feat. Necro) - Our life
12. Necro - Morbid shit
13. Necro - Every second someone dies
14. Necro - Fire
15. Necro - Talking shit
16. Necro - Watch ya toes
17. Goretex - The big sleep (remix)

Released by Psycho+Logical Records in 2003.

Just like the RAC this is not for everyone. A fat jew making songs about raping and doing cocain might not be most PC thing to upload but an open mind might get you at least one or two songs on this record (i found 3). It's evil and depraved like a modern day GG Allin and that buys them some points in my book.

Goretex and Necro - Scumbags

The Au Pairs - You 7'' (1979)

New wave from England
01. You
02. Domestic departure
03. Kerb crawler

Released by 021 Records in 1979.

Some artsy rock of late 70's. Was really into new wave and post-punk two years ago but lost interest in it. This record is still a proper rockin album though especially the guitars on You.


lördag 15 mars 2014

Mr. Irish Bastard - St. Marys school of drinking CD (2007)

Celtpunk from Germany
01. Curse of the redhaired woman
02. Home
03. Building up and tearing England down
04. Stupid bastards
05. Temple of love
06. Gypsy road to nowhere
07. Hate and loathing

Released by Reedo Records in 2007.

Have no idea what to call this other than celtpunk but you all get the idea. Think Black Tartan Clan, Dropkick etc etc and you get the idea of what it is. Not really into this genre except for Dropkick, FLogging Molly and some songs by Flatfoot but this band stands supreme.

Stupid bastards (video)

lördag 8 mars 2014

Beergut 100 - Fist full of copper CD (1998)

Punk from Scotland
01. Fist full of copper
02. Fuck your job
03. Stabbed in the back
04. Warmonger
05. Government filth
06. Dirty grassing bastard
07. (Fuck the) J.S.A.
08. Free beer (for the punx)
09. Menace
10. Assault on St. Leonards
11. Death sentence
12. Show the scars
13. Bastard squad
14. Doomsday

Released by Bomb Factory Records in 1998.

Fist full of copper

Kampfzone - Kurze Haare, schwere Boots CD (1997)

Oi! from Germany
01. Oi! (...aus sachsen-anhalt)
02. Schwarz, rot, gold
03. Patriot
04. Unsere schlacht
05. Rebellen der straße
06. Die letze nacht
07. Kampfzone
08. Schöner tag
09. Deutsche skins
10. Harte arbeit
11. On the streets
12. Straben in die freiheit

Released by Dim Records in 1997.

Epic epic album and one of the most precious ones in my collection (even though it's a cd). "Broke the joke" as an anonymous American once said. A big chunk of Germanys Oi! bands where making songs about fucking and eating pizza around this time and this band most definetly smashed the stereotype. Heavy, brutal and non-PC just how i like them.

Unsere schlacht

Hot Garlic - Demo (2012)

Oi! from Spain
01. Bodycount
02. Pride & Loyalty
03. Where are you?
04. Rock and roll
05. Burning

Great Spanish band with a rockin sound. Sounds like a mixture of Ol' Cunts and L.R.F.

Pride & Loyalty (live 2012)