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fredag 21 mars 2014

Point Blank - Made in China CD (2007)

Oi! from China
01. Made in China
02. City of contrasts
03. Empty shelled life
04. Yue Fei's rage
05. Just another night (Streets of Beijing)
06. Vox Christ
07. Collapse
08. Living in a dream world
09. Bullshit
10. Blood brothers
11. Right here, right now
12. Beijing skins

Released by Bords De Seine in 2007.

Chinese group featuring two "westerners" so one can actually make out what the fuck they are saying in the songs. I guess the second song on the record is supposed to have an "Asian sound" to it but to me as a Scandinavian i get a familiar vikingfeeling when listening to it. Might have plundered back in the days and left some heathen culture behind who knows?

Made in China

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