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lördag 8 mars 2014

Kampfzone - Kurze Haare, schwere Boots CD (1997)

Oi! from Germany
01. Oi! (...aus sachsen-anhalt)
02. Schwarz, rot, gold
03. Patriot
04. Unsere schlacht
05. Rebellen der straße
06. Die letze nacht
07. Kampfzone
08. Schöner tag
09. Deutsche skins
10. Harte arbeit
11. On the streets
12. Straben in die freiheit

Released by Dim Records in 1997.

Epic epic album and one of the most precious ones in my collection (even though it's a cd). "Broke the joke" as an anonymous American once said. A big chunk of Germanys Oi! bands where making songs about fucking and eating pizza around this time and this band most definetly smashed the stereotype. Heavy, brutal and non-PC just how i like them.

Unsere schlacht

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