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tisdag 30 juli 2013

Chiatiks - On En A Bave... 7'' ‎(1999) + bonus track

Oi! from France
01. Liebe lied
02. Baston
03. Union force
04. Emuete (bonus song)

Released by Bords De Sein in 1999.

Just found out about this band earlier this year when i listened to Nouvelle Aube compilation from 2004. As far as i know these 4 songs are the complete discography of the band with the 3 first songs from their 1999 EP and the 4th one from the comp i just mentioned (killer track by the way).


Al Kapott - Demo cassette

Punk from France
01. Squatt
02. Cinéma
03. Bretagne 44
04. 12°
05. Branlette
06. Vacances marginales

First demo by this excellent Frensh band and to be honest i kind of like these early recordings better than their later stuff. Way harder and it has that heavy "demo-punk-bass" that you don't really hear on recordings these days. Uncertain about the release date.

Sons of pride - The glory and the horror 7'' (1995)

Oi! from Canada
01. The glory & the horror
02. Strong & free
03. Sneak attack

Released by Kickback Records in 1995.

The opening track is still one of the greatest Oi! songs in my book. FIrst time i heard them was on the Backstreets of American Oi! and since i most often just breeze though CD booklets i thought they where from America for some years. Perfect rough and slow sound like many of their US neighbours (Patriot etc) where into during the 90's.

The glory & the horror

Vacant Lot - Cheers to you 7'' (1991)

Oi! from Canada
01. Cheers to you
02. Blizzard army
03. Musta bin a good one

Released by Force Majeure Records in 1991.

söndag 28 juli 2013

Beardo (music videos)

Some nice punkrock and rapsongs from a man that don't take himself to serious. Sort of reminds me about Beastie Boys before they went intergalactic.
24 hour party

In the suburbs


Snort your drugs


Nigga please

torsdag 18 juli 2013

Skrewdriver - Demo Cassette (1983)

Oi!/RAC from England
01. If there's a riot
02. Midnight train
03. Streetfight
04. Don't let them pull you down
05. Voice of Britain

Selfreleased in 1983.

Gotta love this period in the Skrewdriver history. After the 77' era, before they became a bit to extreme (with the exception of Voice of britain) and most importantly before Ian started to sound like a retarded frog and basing every single song on viking related stuff. It was short but it was sweet.

Don't let them pull you down

The Hoolies - Hoolies of Jutland 7'' (1999)

Oi! from Denmark
01. Toxic beverage
02. Stop drinking
03. Slut
04. Fatskins

Released by Pure Impact in 1999.

Denmarks first Oi! band with members that would go on to form The Guv'nors later on.

Les Vilains - Vengeance 7'' (1999)

Oi! from Belgium
01. Trou du cul
02. Vengeance
03. La loi du plus fort

Released by Hit Records in 1999.

söndag 7 juli 2013

Direct Disregard - Demo (2012)

Oi! from Canada
01. Scene police
02. Cheers to you

Band released their first EP for free earlier this year. Google to find it.

lördag 6 juli 2013

Noise - Inget Ljus 7'' (1979)

New wave rock from Sweden
01. Inget ljus (No light)
02. Tror du? (Do you think?)
03. Hjälp (Help)

Released by Kloaak Records in 1979.

This band shows how popmusic with bloody cowbells, synthesizer and whatnot can be done well. Why they never became popular is beyond me.

Performing two songs and answering questions on some kids-show in the 80's

tisdag 2 juli 2013

Panzerknacker - Für Wien demo cassette (1994)

Oi! from Austria
01. No name
02. Pfaffentanz
03. Im suff
04. Chaos (4-skins cover)
05. Parole spass
06. Skinhead girl
07. Eisern wien
08. Asoziale anarchos
09. Drogenterror
10. Was ist skinhead?

To be honest this band is sort of shitty and so is the quality of this cassette recording but at least i it's rare and someone out there into Österreich oi might enjoy it.

Gobsmakt - You Wot! CD (1998)

Oi! from New Zealand
01. Here we go now
02. Lager louts
03. Oi! skinhead
04. My life
05. Politicians
06. Yobsmakt
07. Police state
08. Killing game
09. Bar b que hasting
10. Animosity
11. Crime 'n' other things
12. TV cops
13. Mean streets
14. They don't know
15. Gobsmakt

Released by Step-1-Music in 1998.

TV cops