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lördag 29 september 2012

Monsters - More you talk, less i hear (video)

From their new album called Pop up yours! released through Voodoo Rhythm, brilliant album.

The Monsters - Meets the Betty Pages of fright 7'' (1992)

Psychobilly/Garage rock from Switzerland
01. The creature from the black lagoon
02. SOS (A.B.B.A. cover
03. Jingle bells

Released by Dionysus Records in 1992.

For someone like me who has a hard time enjoying 99% of all Psychobilly i fucking love that first track.

The Monsters - Creature from the black lagoon

The monsters - Nightmare 7'' (1988)

Garage rock/Psychobilly from Switzerland
01. Nightmare
02. Don't burn the witch
03. I came from hell
04. Monster rock

Released by Record Junkie in 1988.

The legendary Beat-man's firstrecord with his band The monsters.

fredag 28 september 2012

Legetime violence - Legetime violence (video)

While on a roll why not a video of one of their best songs.

Legitime Violence - RocknRoll (video)

Footage from the alternate concert Legitime Violence held after some events that took place in Quebec (and the events that the last video was an answer to). Cheers Chiftelos

"After having sustained a biased smear-campaign aimed at discrediting the Quebec City band Légitime Violence, local activists pursued their self-righteous crusade by threatening with physical violence and bodily harm the organisers of the alternative music festival Envol et Macadam. Choosing not to jeopardize the festival's staff, the band volunteers to be removed from the event's roster and play their own show that same evening. These are the highlights of that day."

onsdag 26 september 2012

Légitime violence - Anti Rash Action (A.R.A.)

Superb song and as current as ever with most "nonpolitical" bands doing compilations against a next to non-existent enemy within the scene, namely the nazi skinheads. Are they really that strong or are you guys simply trying to be accepted by people you shouldnt care about in the first place? Whatever the reason is here is Canadian band Légitime violences answer to a way larger "enemy" that no one seems to care about when cleaning out their scene-closet.

tisdag 25 september 2012

V/A - Stöd de strejkande hamnarbetarna LP (1974)

01. Thomas Ellerås - Den gamla goda tiden (The good old days)
02. Harald 'bagarn' Andersson - Strejka (Strike)
03. Knutna nävar - Balladen om Olsson (The ballad of Mr Olsson)
04. Anja Svederborg - Katjuska
05. Fred Åkerström - Rallarvisa (Railroad workers song)
06. Fred Åkerström - Åkare Lundgrens begravning (Trucker Lundgrens funeral)
07. Fred Åkerström - En valsmelodi (A waltzmelody)
08. Mats Lundälv - The chartist song
09. Mats Lundälv - Working on the project
10. Sven Wollter - Riksdagsvisa (Song of the parlament)
11. Röda ropet - Måsadott
12. Dan Berglund - Visa till SAP (A song to SAP)
13. Dan Berglund - De mördades fria republik (Free republic of the murdered)

Released by Proletärkultur in 1974.

A show organised by Swedens Communist Party to raise money for the striking dockworkers in the strike of '74, the money also went to that cause. Whatever peoples ideas about commies might be the LP is a true cultural treasure here in Sweden with national icon's like Fred Åkerström and Dan Berglund on it. Might not be worth downloading if you dont understand Swedish or Dannish.

torsdag 20 september 2012

Fortress - Victory or valhalla CD (1999)

RAC from Australia
01. Victory or valhalla
02. Hail rock'n'roll
03. We're still alive
04. Defenders of the faith
05. Blood, fire and steel
06. Now is the time
07. Bounded
08. Outcast
09. Hour of the power
10. White wolf
11. Ideals
12. Last hope
13. I believe
14. Here comes the thunder
15. Phoenix rising
16. I hate commie scum
17. You stayed true
18. Free me
19. Life's a struggle
20. Parasite
21. Raise the flag

A re-issue of Fortress old "Sieze the day LP" (1992) & "Fortress I LP" (1993) made on CD by Great White Productions in 1999.

As racist and hatefull as this record is i can proudly say it is among my top-10 favourite records of any genre (only other RAC is Brutal attacks Stronger than before). Dont download if this isnt your thing but if you are openminded then give it a try, a truly phenomenal album in a class of it's own. Be sure to check out the songs We're still alive, Phoenix rising & Life's a struggle.

Fortress - Phoenix rising (watch out that red/white/black flag might kill you if you look at it too long, it's that dangerous)

torsdag 13 september 2012

Razorblade - Spreading fear LP (2002)

Oi! from Netherlands
01. Intro
02. Cold stares
03. Peadophile
04. Skinhead rock
05. Spreading fear
06. Made in Holland
07. P.F
08. Parasite
09. Gehaat & veracht (Hated & despised)
10. Badland skins
11. Teenage slag
12. Dying breed

Released by Rebellion Records in 2002.

This purchase was basicly a robbery since i already owned the record in digital format (the audio files) and purchased the LP because i wanted the lyrics for the songs, i got the record and realised there was no insert at all to speak of. Anyway this band used to be one of my favourites back then so if we ignore their later turncoating to fit in politcally and changing their sound into "deutschrock" they really deserved the money i spent on it. Heavy and brutal Oi! at its best.

Thuggers - Football on saturday CD (1998)

Oi!/Punk from Belgium
01. Football on saturday
02. Push those people in
03. Trouble comes

Released by Hit Records in 1998.

Only release by this band that is more rare than good to be honest. Sideproject by people from Headcase if i remember correctly.

fredag 7 september 2012

Trojne - Varför krig? 7'' (1983)

Punk from Sweden
01. Varför krig? (Why war?)
02. Problematiskt barn (Problem child)
03. L.S.D.
04. Spion (Spy)

Selfreleased by the band in 1983.

Mr Len - Pity the fool CD (2001)

Hip hop compilation from America
01. Juggaknots - This morning
02. Massinfluence - Get loose
03. Jean Grae & Murs - The hurt
04. -skit-
05. Q-Unique - Straight
06. Lord Sear - Girl
07. Jean grae & The melon bayside high drama club - Taco day
08. Agents of man & Amplifire - Force fed
09. -skit-
10. D-Stroy - Bring it to me
11. Mr Live - What the fuck?
12. -skit-
13. Jean Grae & Brewin - Love venom
14. Mr Live & Chubb Rock - Dummy smacks
15. -skit-
16. Kice of course & Steady roc - Family matters
17. -hidden track-

Released by Matador Records in 2001.

An upload that will get my few readers running for the hill but give it a try and you might see what i see in it.
Company flow is one of the few groups in hip hop that i can stand and their old producer Mr Len has here put together his favourite artists ranging from hip hop to hardcore. A cd free from all other shit that is hip hop meaning:
(1) No black power political bullshit
(2) No artsyfartsy wiggers with backpacks
(3) No gangsters acting hard
(4) No shiny suits dancing on tv
(5) No "intellectual" rap with a muslim agenda

Simply good and experimental music (well some of it) if you are openminded to such things without being stuck behind your subcultural fences.

Mr Len - Love venom