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tisdag 25 september 2012

V/A - Stöd de strejkande hamnarbetarna LP (1974)

01. Thomas Ellerås - Den gamla goda tiden (The good old days)
02. Harald 'bagarn' Andersson - Strejka (Strike)
03. Knutna nävar - Balladen om Olsson (The ballad of Mr Olsson)
04. Anja Svederborg - Katjuska
05. Fred Åkerström - Rallarvisa (Railroad workers song)
06. Fred Åkerström - Åkare Lundgrens begravning (Trucker Lundgrens funeral)
07. Fred Åkerström - En valsmelodi (A waltzmelody)
08. Mats Lundälv - The chartist song
09. Mats Lundälv - Working on the project
10. Sven Wollter - Riksdagsvisa (Song of the parlament)
11. Röda ropet - Måsadott
12. Dan Berglund - Visa till SAP (A song to SAP)
13. Dan Berglund - De mördades fria republik (Free republic of the murdered)

Released by Proletärkultur in 1974.

A show organised by Swedens Communist Party to raise money for the striking dockworkers in the strike of '74, the money also went to that cause. Whatever peoples ideas about commies might be the LP is a true cultural treasure here in Sweden with national icon's like Fred Åkerström and Dan Berglund on it. Might not be worth downloading if you dont understand Swedish or Dannish.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Okay, I'm going to have to download this just because it looks pretty interesting to say the least. I will not understand it, but still looks interesting.


    Brian Guy

    1. Track 9 is in english though and somewhat good to at that. Think its a cover of some old black blues song.