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torsdag 13 september 2012

Razorblade - Spreading fear LP (2002)

Oi! from Netherlands
01. Intro
02. Cold stares
03. Peadophile
04. Skinhead rock
05. Spreading fear
06. Made in Holland
07. P.F
08. Parasite
09. Gehaat & veracht (Hated & despised)
10. Badland skins
11. Teenage slag
12. Dying breed

Released by Rebellion Records in 2002.

This purchase was basicly a robbery since i already owned the record in digital format (the audio files) and purchased the LP because i wanted the lyrics for the songs, i got the record and realised there was no insert at all to speak of. Anyway this band used to be one of my favourites back then so if we ignore their later turncoating to fit in politcally and changing their sound into "deutschrock" they really deserved the money i spent on it. Heavy and brutal Oi! at its best.

1 kommentar:

  1. I love this whole dutch Oi!/Streetpunk scenery very much and RAZORBLADE are surely one of the best. I don't really know what you mean with this "politically turncoating", but that's not that important, but about with this "Deutschrock" crap and this whole pseudo "metallic" stuff I can totally agree on, nah, it sucks, I thought and still think that their first german sung 7'' was great, but what then followed... hopefully they will leave this crap behind the next time... hopefully...