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torsdag 20 september 2012

Fortress - Victory or valhalla CD (1999)

RAC from Australia
01. Victory or valhalla
02. Hail rock'n'roll
03. We're still alive
04. Defenders of the faith
05. Blood, fire and steel
06. Now is the time
07. Bounded
08. Outcast
09. Hour of the power
10. White wolf
11. Ideals
12. Last hope
13. I believe
14. Here comes the thunder
15. Phoenix rising
16. I hate commie scum
17. You stayed true
18. Free me
19. Life's a struggle
20. Parasite
21. Raise the flag

A re-issue of Fortress old "Sieze the day LP" (1992) & "Fortress I LP" (1993) made on CD by Great White Productions in 1999.

As racist and hatefull as this record is i can proudly say it is among my top-10 favourite records of any genre (only other RAC is Brutal attacks Stronger than before). Dont download if this isnt your thing but if you are openminded then give it a try, a truly phenomenal album in a class of it's own. Be sure to check out the songs We're still alive, Phoenix rising & Life's a struggle.

Fortress - Phoenix rising (watch out that red/white/black flag might kill you if you look at it too long, it's that dangerous)

5 kommentarer:

  1. Whoaaa!!! I also have this re-release CD, and I think that this is one of the very few more or less classical RAC albums that really has a strong impact on anyone listening to it, no matter if you agree on what they sing or not. And personally I think that lyric-wise this is one of the most stupid records to ever come and this also from the far right, but music-wise I think everyone listening to this really has to heavily underline it that this is an amazing album, and from my point of view especially "HAIL R'N'R" and "DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH" are brilliant in their very own way!!! But that's a matter of the personal taste, but that this album is just damn great and amazing is a fact, period!!!
    One thing that this albums somehow always proved (and still proves) very good to me is the fact that anyhow as Skinhead-music labeled music from the far right is in most cases (especially the good and better cases) by far more good Metal (just think about Bound 4 Glory) or at least good metallic Hard/Heavy Rock music than anyhow Oi! or Skinhead R'n'R or Streetpunk or what ever else and this I think is somehow truly pretty interesting. I just wonder why all those über-intellectual dickheads with their social studies that do slandering of Skinhead and Skinhead music as the biggest evils of western civilization haven't focussed on this so far, that what they slander of is from the musical approach everything but ''original'' Skinhead stuff. Who knows, maybe one day we (or at least I) will get an answer to this question... ;-)
    Sorry, that's one thing I'm thinking about for quite a while now already and also today it's very easy and releaxed at work due to my pupils working like fucking ants and robots or like success-hungry chinese kids ;-) at their excercises and so I have enough free time to spam your comment sections... ;-)

    1. Me myself i am actually gratefull that the scene is demonised. Sure it opens up the doors for a lot of cunts who dont know what it is all about but at the same time it closes the door on hipsterfucks who would never be diehards in the first place. At top they will buy a Ben SHerman shirt, put on a SHARP-badge on their jeansjacket and go to Reggae-nights for about a year before moving on to the next thing. If "skinhead" ever go mainstream this is the sort of music that will stay under lock and key because mainstream will never get it. Thank the brownshirts for that

  2. pay more attention to this blog, please! :) i like the one dealing with the american scene too, but this one's more diverse and i'm discovering a lot of new, awesome stuff. i would have probably never listened to Fortress in depth and realize how great they sound. (my only link with them was me at 14 listening excessively to 'commie scum', hah)

    1. Like most other people then... it's far from as "soft-rac" as one can get. I dont think there is even a single song among these 21 that doesnt deal with killing people or preserving the white race, sort of turns a whole lot of people not into global racewar of haha

  3. This album ruined 99% of all other R.A.C. for me. It's simply the best and pretty much everything else falls waaayyyyyyyy short of this album.

    I don't think the lyrics are dumb. I may not agree with everything, but a white man wanting to preserve his culture and race is not dumb. One day Europeans will wake up and realize they no longer have a culture and are not allowed to be proud of themselves or their history. Then people can look back on lyrics like these and think to themselves "Shit now it's too late, my countries heritage be it Spain, Sweden, Germany, France, ect, has been lost and can never be recovered" It will be a damn shame when Europe is no longer white, yet the Middle East will Arab, Japan will be Japanese, Africa will be African ect. and there's nothing wrong with Japan being Japanese, that's how it should be. Oh well