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onsdag 26 september 2012

Légitime violence - Anti Rash Action (A.R.A.)

Superb song and as current as ever with most "nonpolitical" bands doing compilations against a next to non-existent enemy within the scene, namely the nazi skinheads. Are they really that strong or are you guys simply trying to be accepted by people you shouldnt care about in the first place? Whatever the reason is here is Canadian band Légitime violences answer to a way larger "enemy" that no one seems to care about when cleaning out their scene-closet.

4 kommentarer:

  1. they had reasons to make this song. one event I know of was that they were supposed to open for The Exploited, when they came to Quebec at some big festival or something, and were pulled a few days before the show, because the organizer got the 'nazi' news. you can see them at the gig here:
    actually, the video has a better description of the events:
    "After having sustained a biased smear-campaign aimed at discrediting the Quebec City band Légitime Violence, local activists pursued their self-righteous crusade by threatening with physical violence and bodily harm the organisers of the alternative music festival Envol et Macadam. Choosing not to jeopardize the festival's staff, the band volunteers to be removed from the event's roster and play their own show that same evening. These are the highlights of that day."

    also, they're quite a regular on http://www.fachowatch.com/tag/legitime-violence/

  2. Don't know anything about the rumours around this band, even only knew them by their name before, but seems to be the same crappy witchhunting on everyone that's not on the exactly same page as the AFA/ARA and RASH + sadly SHARP nutjobs of today than like it is over here in Germany done by OiRE SZENE and other idiot bastards. Fuck this scumbags!!! And this song is really a bomb, great!!! Even I would love to understand the lyrics, but unfortunately I don't speak French... and why should I, even we lost both WW we kicked the French-Men asses in both cases... oh, forget about this sentence, just kidding, haha ;-) ...!!! Btw, directly after the Anti RASH song started a great new DISCHARGER song... brilliant, will buy their new one recently... clever promotion and marketing... What's your reward for participating in this Bernando?!? ;-)

    1. Haha you found me out there Andy... to be honest i dont know how to remove it since it seems the link links the whole playlist.
      You Germans can be as cocky as you want since not many other except maybe Serbia can boast about going to war against the entire world. Might have lost by numbers but if one goes back and counts victory based on participants Germany is the winner by far..... and so is Sweden in the latest olympics (just had to throw that one in).

  3. tip: next to the like/dislike buttons, there's one called share. there you'll find the link to the video or the whole playlist.