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torsdag 13 september 2012

Thuggers - Football on saturday CD (1998)

Oi!/Punk from Belgium
01. Football on saturday
02. Push those people in
03. Trouble comes

Released by Hit Records in 1998.

Only release by this band that is more rare than good to be honest. Sideproject by people from Headcase if i remember correctly.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Getting a 404 error trying to download this.


    Brian Guy

  2. One of every 10 upload gets that error, plus i got a message from rapidshare that they will delete all my old uploads if i dont renew my rapidshare pro which costs about 60 dollars..... remind me why i'm doing this again....

  3. I think you do it for the love of the music. Lets be honest less that a third of the people who download don't leave comments. Bless the people that actually leave positive comments.

    Hang in there,


    Brian Guy