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fredag 7 september 2012

Mr Len - Pity the fool CD (2001)

Hip hop compilation from America
01. Juggaknots - This morning
02. Massinfluence - Get loose
03. Jean Grae & Murs - The hurt
04. -skit-
05. Q-Unique - Straight
06. Lord Sear - Girl
07. Jean grae & The melon bayside high drama club - Taco day
08. Agents of man & Amplifire - Force fed
09. -skit-
10. D-Stroy - Bring it to me
11. Mr Live - What the fuck?
12. -skit-
13. Jean Grae & Brewin - Love venom
14. Mr Live & Chubb Rock - Dummy smacks
15. -skit-
16. Kice of course & Steady roc - Family matters
17. -hidden track-

Released by Matador Records in 2001.

An upload that will get my few readers running for the hill but give it a try and you might see what i see in it.
Company flow is one of the few groups in hip hop that i can stand and their old producer Mr Len has here put together his favourite artists ranging from hip hop to hardcore. A cd free from all other shit that is hip hop meaning:
(1) No black power political bullshit
(2) No artsyfartsy wiggers with backpacks
(3) No gangsters acting hard
(4) No shiny suits dancing on tv
(5) No "intellectual" rap with a muslim agenda

Simply good and experimental music (well some of it) if you are openminded to such things without being stuck behind your subcultural fences.

Mr Len - Love venom

5 kommentarer:

  1. I love it man, THANX for this, great shit!!!

  2. hah, yeah. Love Venom is awesome. that girl has some.. flow, or whatever they say. downloading the whole album right now.

    1. I commend you for being openminded and laugh at your attempt to fit in haha. Don't go in thinking the whole record is good though because its not. I view records like this like i view mixed candybags. I generally dont like candy but sometimes my wife buys a bag and i pick out the 2% of the bits i enjoy.

    2. Stumbled on yout blog while taking a break from writing an anthropology article about the repatriation of knowledge for indegenous peoples in their process of cultural revitalization. Found this record and bought it just after. There's a link between sharing knowledge of music or whatever and having people come and discover it. Everyone needs at some point some cultural revitalization and excitement ! Takkar for sharing, cheers ! Thomas

  3. Good Rap/Hip Hop is always welcomed in my house/stereo... even over the last decade not that much really good stuff found its way in (t-)here... or maybe it was just the way being blocked or so...