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fredag 29 november 2013

V/A - East vs West 7'' (1999)

RAC/Hardcore from America
01. Mudoven - Fighting in the streets (Cockney Rejects cover)
02. Blue Eyed Devils - We'll never die
03. Dying Breed - Avenge
04. Stronghold - The battle rages on
05. Pure Rampage - On the frontline

Released on Tri-State Terror in 1999.

As usual when dealing with this genre don't download if you don't like it. To all supporters of satan, mass murder, evil and hate, be sure to check out the cover by Mudoven that is a sideproject by Vaginal Jesus.

We'll never die

tisdag 26 november 2013

Skunx - Call Girl Tramp Demo Cassette (2012)

Punk/Oi! from Canada
01. Call Girl Tramp
02. Antisocial
03. Terrorist Attack
04. Destiny

Uploaded some of these songs back on DownUnderground in 2011 after the band sent me some promo. Now they have finally recorded it to cassette and it sounds just like i wanted it to do. It's a trashy demo with a constant guttersound and even if the drums might be a bit of at some parts the bass is fucking incredible. Please Skunx  don't ever get signed and step into a proper studio. You are pretty just the way you are.

Terrorist attack

William Onyeabor - Atomic Bomb LP (1978)

Afro-beat/Funk from Nigeria
01. Beautiful baby
02. Better change your mind
03. Atomic bomb
04. Shame
05. I need you all life

Released by Wilfilms Records in 1978.

Electonic futurism from 1978. Strange how much good "new" music there's out there for me to find even though i have passed the 30yo-mark. Some great futuristik funk and if i smoked weed i would probably do so to the 4th track.

Change your mind

lördag 23 november 2013

Allan Ladds - 13 År 7'' (1979)

Pop/Punk rock from Sweden
01. 13 år
02. Nattgatan

Selfreleased in 1979.
Pop songs about hugging friends to cure you all of the testosterone overdose from recent Oi! uploads.

13 År

Reverend Beat-Man - ..plays songs the Reverend Beat-Man way 7'' (2005)

Rock/Blues from Switzerland
01. Natchez burning (Howling wolf cover)
02. Steh auf Berlin (Einsturzende neubauten cover)

Released by Drunk'n'Roll Records in 2005.

What does hipsters and Bernando have in common? They both like to ride bicicles and listening to Reverend Beat-Man.
If any man could do Howling Wolf justice as a one-man band it's Beat-Man from The Monsters. Awesome release with that evel satanic confucion that only Beat-Man can deliver.

Liveshow earlier this year

söndag 17 november 2013

Le Retour De Saint Georges B - Nos Années Chaos 7'' (2005)

Folk/Acoustic from France
01. Stu! Stu! Stu! Studio!
02. Scato (Trotskids cover)
03. L'Été (Les Collabos cover)
04. Week-End Sauvage (La Souris Déglinguée cover)
05. La Chambre D'Adolescent
06. Quand On Est Skin
07. Les Paras D'Hélène

Released by Une Vie Pour Rien in 2005.

Seriously wierd collaboration between Fab from Les Teckels & Ol'Cunts with Fred from Cecilia und die Sauerkrauts i (also think he played in The No-Talents as well). Endresult is far from punkrock and instead they do covers of famous French Oi!-tracks and some acapella skinhead anthems. It's wierd but surprisingly catchy.

Quand on est skin

lördag 16 november 2013

Haggis - Pride is our crime 7'' (2003)

Oi!/Punk from Norway
01. Flashing tits
02. Pride is our crime
03. Subway
04. No limit (2 Unlimited cover)

Released by Boards De Seine in 2003.

The stormtroopers of hate as PC as they always where. Last track is classic.

No limit (before Haggis made it golden)

söndag 10 november 2013

X-Ray Spex - Oh Bondage Up Yours! 7'' (1977)

Punk/New wave from UK
01. Oh Bondage Up Yours!
02. I Am A Cliché

Released by Virgin Records in 1977.

Oh Bondage Up Yours!

Kampfzone - Zwischen den Fronten CD (2002)

Oi! from Germany
01. Sound aus der gosse
02. Eastside Crew
03. Politik der strasse
04. Welle der gewalt
05. Wildes tier
06. Heimatfront
07. Jung und stoltz
08. Verteidige deinen bezirk
09. Harte gesetze
10. Nation in flammen (Blitz cover)
11. Dreck an deinen stiefeln
12. Zur hölle

Released by Dim Records in 2002.

Not a sucker for German Oi! but this band has always delivered good songs. Personal favourites on this record is the Blitz cover, Zur hölle and Politik der strasse.

Politik der strasse

A.O.C. - Rappelle toi didier! 7'' (1997)

Oi! from France
01. Rappelle toi didier
02. Un Americain a Moulins
03. Reveillon

Released by One By One Records in 1997.

Perkele - Voice of anger CD (2001)

Released by Bronco Bullfrog in 2001

Superb release by a band that at one point was the best we had to offer. The band might have fallen from glory since early 00's but they made some damn classic albums.

fredag 8 november 2013

No more need for re-uploads

Since i lost my files at Rapidshare i have gotten a ton of requests for re-uploads so instead of spending a week re-uploading old stuff i added all of the albums to my files at Soulseek. What is soulseek? Check out this link if you don't know. New albums will be uploaded to filesharing sites as usual but they will also be added to Soulseek so if you miss it then just go to Soulseek to get them.