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fredag 21 mars 2014

V/A - Brutality Part 1 CD (2003)

Horrorcore/Hip hop from America
01. Necro - Im your idol
02. Goretex (feat. Necro) - Dopesick
03. Ill Bill (feat. Necro) - Reign in blood
04. Mr Hyde (feat. Necro) - Street veteran
05. Ill Bill - Swordfish
06. Necro - Anguish & agression
07. Goretex - The big sleep
08. Ill Bill (feat. Necro) - White slavery
09. Goretex (feat. Necro) - Scumbags
10. Ill Bill (feat. Necro) - Frank Zito
11. Ill Bill (feat. Necro) - Our life
12. Necro - Morbid shit
13. Necro - Every second someone dies
14. Necro - Fire
15. Necro - Talking shit
16. Necro - Watch ya toes
17. Goretex - The big sleep (remix)

Released by Psycho+Logical Records in 2003.

Just like the RAC this is not for everyone. A fat jew making songs about raping and doing cocain might not be most PC thing to upload but an open mind might get you at least one or two songs on this record (i found 3). It's evil and depraved like a modern day GG Allin and that buys them some points in my book.

Goretex and Necro - Scumbags

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