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söndag 20 maj 2012

Fuck yeah!!!! Vol.2

About 2 years ago i used to run a site called Fuck Yeah!!!! but after i recieved an invitation to join the crew at Downunderground i decided to delete the page and use their site instead...... then came the crackdown on uploaders. All my records at Megaupload and Mediafire got deleted. That and the constant complaints from the politicall fascists at the site about me not being politically correct made me ragequit and leave the site (still a great site and still good people running the site today though).

But for anyone who cares the Fuck Yeah!!!! site is back in action and even though it wont be as frequently updated as my site about US Oi! i will try to do atleast one post a week or whenever i have the time. The site will feature music from all genres and all over the world whenever i feel i have purchased or found something great or rare (god knows those two dont go hand in hand). The focus will be punk and Oi! but i will also be posting hardcore, crust, rac, ska, new wave, rock, yeah even disco if i feel the record has any musical value. Basicly me doing my own thing again.

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  1. Fuck yeah!!!! Vol.2 - is one of the best oi punk blogs (imo)