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tisdag 4 juni 2013

Die Hards - Demo cassette (1985)

Oi!/RAC from England
01. Razorblade nightmare
02. Vengeance
03. Skinheads '85
04. We ain't scared of no one
05. You're a diehard
06. White working class man

A band that where part of the whole White Noise/RAC movement in the 80's but this demo is completly devoid of racial hatred and whatnot. Good band and surprisingly good sound quality.

We aint scared of no one

6 kommentarer:

  1. A few newer bands (Loyalty, and Baker's Dozen) can keep up and walk that raw/hard line. Most are middled into the camp of being too soft without being poppy, or too hard and just falling into HC. This (and late '80s Philly) is the sound and should be the blueprint.

    1. Loyalty is a seriously underrated band. That demo they released with Fuckt back and 99 skinheads is nothing short of marvelous even with that crappy sound quality

  2. Får man önska Göteborg sound? Allt material är intressant.

    1. Har bara deras tidiga demo men slänger upp det. Kan även slänga uppd et jag har med medborgargardet vid ett annat tillfälle. Någorlunda samma band iaf om man ser till medlemmarna

  3. Update the link...it don't work!