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lördag 7 december 2013

Raiya - Keep to protect CD (1997)

SSS/Oi! from Japan
01. Unfeeling blood
02. Can't be defeated
03. Another man
04. Highest pride
05. Keep to protect
06. Does prostater
07. 暗れ暗れと唯
08. Knavish trick
09. 反逆となりて

Released by HG Fact in 1997.

Less known album but as good as most of the classic SSS records out there. The album is called 罪無人 or in western letters "Owarinaki Tatakai" which translates into Keep to protect, probably one of many reasons why it's not that known in the west. Hard samurai sound with heavy drums, intense guitars with a rock feeling to it and some great singalong anthems as choruses. Killer record in my oppinion.

Another man

3 kommentarer:

  1. i used to have this album great music all around and live they are killer. can you please put it up in some other file hosting service aside rapidshare? for some reason the download is slowed down to the point it stops and fuck it up everything

    1. Do you have Soulseek? If not, visit www.slsknet.org and download it (free). SOmeone should have it there and if not then just mail me and i'll log on to make sure you get it.