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fredag 6 december 2013

V/A - Japanese Movement Vol.1 LP (1988) plus unreleased Vol.2

Oi!/SSS from Japan
01. Humpty dumpty - Hill house
02. Bad Vultures - Oi! Oi! power
03. Bull the dougs - Next time smash
04. JM Cracker Jacks -  They love money

--unreleased vol.2--
01. JM Warmachine - Our flag
02. L.R.F. - The only one
03. Humpty dumpty - Monroe's dead
04. Bull the dougs - Long live.....

A 12'' EP released through JM Records in 1988. A second volume was planned for release in 1989 but JM went broke and it never got released.

A political record with next to no political bands on it (with Bad Vultures being the exception). Humpty dumpty even went on to play crustish sounding punk later on. Anyway a superb compilation that most ignore because of it's nationalistic approach and a certain tattoo on the cover.

Humpty dumpty - Hill house

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