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onsdag 11 december 2013

The New Breed - Day to day... CD (2001)

Punk/Oi! from Canada
01. Fight back
02. Blue collar blues
03. The times
04. No regrets
05. This world
06. Day to day
07. Resolution
08. Way of life
09. Another night
10. Can't bring me down
11. Wasted youth
12. Beer
13. We believe
14--hidden track--

Released by Blind Beggar Records in 2001.

Didnt know about this record until earlier this year and  can't believe i had missed such a killer album. It's soft Oi! mixed with streetpunk with one of the sickest vocalists i have ever heard. Underdog theme going through the whole album and only a handfull of songs are less than fantastic.

This world

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