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fredag 28 december 2012

Ol' cunts - Rock'n'roll bastards LP (2007)

Rock'n'roll/Oi! from France
01. We are the cunts
02. No hate
03. My mates
04. Disgrace
05. Don't understand
06. Liberty
07. You're a victim
08. Remember you
09. The rest is history
10. Never spent (Piano!!!)
11. Copper
12. My broken dreams

Released by Les Troubadours Du Chaos in 2007.

Through and through a solid record reminding me about how good early punkrock like Skrewdrivers where when i first got into them. As most times when a band comes from France their English is a bit of sounding somewhat like their Japanese counterparts. But who cares about pronunciation when a band rocks this hard. Only real problem is that it took me 5 years to find out it even existed.
A must have!!

Performing No hate in 2009

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