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torsdag 3 januari 2013

White lightning - Destiny LP (1990)

Oi!/RAC from Australia
01. Australian youth
02. We rule!
03. Lest we forget
04. 1000 new years
05. Howling
06. Old battalion
07. Freedom's flame
08. Destiny

Released by Rebelles Européens in 1990.

Take note that this is the LP version of the record and has nothing in common with the CD release by the same band. The two releases are based on two completely different recordings and not only is this recording way superior it also has some differences in the lyrics.

This record is in my book one of the greatest ever recorded and just like Fortress this Aussie band had a sound that few has been able to copy since.

The band never quite got the glory they should have gotten until recent years when non-political bands like T.H.U.G. has made covers of the bands songs both live and on records.

We rule!

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