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tisdag 15 januari 2013

V/A - Åminne punkfiesta LP (1981)

Rock/Punk Compilation from Sweden
01. Akupunktur - Nu är det slut (It's over now)
02. Mahatma pop - Nollställning (Back to zero)
03. Tvärtom - Barn ibland (Child in you)
04. Abstrakt - Liv eller död (Life or death)
05. Vanvett - Kurts klago ord (Kurts complaint)
06. Tvärtom - Hr. Andersson (Mr Andersson)
07. Abstrakt - Släng ditt vapen (Throw your guns)
08. Mahatma pop - Pansarvagn (Tank)
09. Akupunktur - Värnamo stad (Värnamo city)
10. Vanvett - Arbetar blues (Workers blues)
11. Mono - Ensam (Alone)

Released by Åminne Räckårds in 1981.

Probably one of the rarest Swedish punkrecords to date with only a handfull of copies out there and obscure bands that no one but Swedish music nerds or people in their 50's that spent their youth in little Värnamo has heard about.
Most songs are far from good but the band Tvärtom is bloody fantastic and needs some recognition today.
High quality scans of the albumcover and aditional information can be found here (number 17). If anyone needs any of the records posted in that list i might be of help so please let me know.

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