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onsdag 23 januari 2013

Bizex-B - Vi lever! LP (1982)

Punk from Sweden
01. Skjut en vakt (Shoot a security officer)
02. Tysk höst (German autumn)
03. Diamond star
04. Vildarnas natt (Night of the wild)
05. Ful (Ugly)
06. Kvävning (Suffocation)
07. I'm wanted again
08. Krig (War)
09. Illamående går jag ut från Tempo ("Tempo" makes me sick)
10. Staden ligger tyst (The city lies dorment)
11. Besserwisserskribenter (Knowall reviewers)
12. Riot in the 80's
13. Bunch of punx
14. Vi lever! (We're alive!)
15. Deppro (Depressed)
16. Psyk bryt (Freakout)

Selfreleased by the band in 1982.

Legendary band from Gävle, Sweden that some claim was the first Swedish Oi! band with the charismatic Zluggo on vocals. One of Swedens most hated band for many reasons and even got a digital virus named after themselfs (haha). Most lefty punks never liked them for their clear nationalistic and anti-zionist messages in their songs and most on the extreme right hated them for their clear anti-racist messages.... the rest of us hated them because most of the time they simply sucked at playing music haha. This record was recorded with only a month of musical experience in their trunk and it is plain to hear, but hey it's punk so what did you expect. Me personally have always prefered their more Oi! oriented second LP called "Våldtäkt i vinyl" (will upload some other day).
Those who need more should check the band out since they re-united in 2006 and still do shows.

Tysk höst at a show some weeks ago

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