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fredag 11 januari 2013

Miami connection Sountrack

Soundtrack from America
01. Dragon sound - Friends
02. Dragon sound - Against The Ninja
03. Lloyd-Richards - Escape From Miami
04. Lloyd-Richards - I Love You
05. Lloyd-Richards - Tae Kwon Do Family
06. Lloyd-Richards - Tough-Guys
07. Jon McCallum - Trainyard MC
08. Dragon sound - Friends (instrumental)
09. Dragon sound - Against The Ninja (instrumental)

So cheesy and so 80's it hurts and soothes at the same time. Few other albums has lyrics about ninjabikers and killing drugdealers combined. The record never had an official release (atleast to my knowledge) but the band released a 7'' in 2012 on some grindhouse label. Check out the review i did for the film here.

Dragon sounds - Friends

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