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söndag 27 januari 2013

V/A - France Explosion! CD (1995)

RAC compilation from France
01. Fraction hexagone - Conquérants
02. Fraction hexagone - Toujours debout
03. Fraction hexagone - Corruption
04. Vae victis - Faire front
05. Vae victis - Libres cosaques
06. Vae victis - Le retour du croisé
07. Beygon blanc - Communisme
08. Beygon blanc - Masstricht
09. Beygon blanc - Isabelle
10. 9ème panzer symphonie - Jackie
11. 9ème panzer symphonie - Rock'n'roll toltchocke

Released by PIT Records in 1995.

Even though the cover might look like some bad techno album from the 90's this is one hell of a hardhitting Oi!/RAC albums (especially the Fraction songs).

Fraction Hexagone performing Conquérants in 2007

3 kommentarer:

  1. Check this out too: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Debout-Vol-1/release/1732254

    Barbie is one of the most provocative skinhead songs ever IMO. And one of my favorites, of course. Haha. KLAUS-TRO-PHOBIE, BARBIE TUERIE, BARBIE, BARBIE, BARBIEEEEEE!

    'Je te hais' is also very good, along with Jeanne, from Bunker 84. Even the last two Legion 88 songs can get in your head, even though they have the typical cuckoo lyrics. :)

    1. Great album. I uploaded it some years ago on Down Underground (http://downunderground.blogspot.se/2011/04/va-debout-vol1-lp-1987.html) and as always recieved nothing but love from the mad readers at the site haha. Link is down since long but i'll throw it up here someday.