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onsdag 23 januari 2013

Asta Kask - Med is i magen LP (1985)

Punk from Sweden
01. Psykiskt instabil (Mentally unstable)
02. Fri (Free)
03. Den enes bröd (One mans loss...)
04. Till far (To my father)
05. Välkommen hem (Welcome home)
06. TVn (Television)
07. Psykopaten (The psychopat)
08. Robotar lever (The robots are alive)

Released by Rosa Honung Records in 1985.

Asta Kask's first LP. The songs in the upload is from the CD-reissue from the 90's basicly because i cant find this original record anywhere. The lyrics and the length of the songs should be the same though so see it as a better quality upload of the LP.

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