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fredag 14 december 2012

The arrogants - Hangover philosophy CD (2004)

Oi! from Italy
01. Social disease
02. Kick kick kick
03. I'm a rapist
04. Queer bashing
05. Boring
06. Horrorshow
07. Teenage kicks (Cover)
08. Wannabe
09. Fat girls
10. Right to choose
11. Violent weekender
12. Runaway
13. Cannibal Cafe
14. They call me arrogant
15. Hangover philosophy
16. Hippie hunter (bonus from old comp)

Released by Barracuda in 2004.

The sound of Combat 84 and the lyrics of Antiseen one cant really go wrong. Fantastic band that dissapeared as fast as they appeared, damn shame.

Hippie hunter

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