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fredag 12 april 2013

The Franks (aka Franks Bootboys) - Complete demo collection (1996-2004)

Oi!/Punkrock from Sweden
01. Dead end weekend
02. Break up
03. Waste of time
04. Lower
05. Betrayal
06. Pigs
07. (untitled studio recording)
08. At the pub
09. Get out of here
10. Hunted by the past
11. Dead end weekend (mastered version)
12. Break up (mastered version)
13. Betrayal (mastered version)
14. The veros - Break up (The franks cover)
15. The veros - Break up instrumental (The Franks cover)

A compilation of all their unreleased songs and compilation songs that i uploaded on Down Underground back when i still worked with them.

Most of the songs where given by the members themselfs and are demo-recordings with no release behind them. Also added the mastered songs by Longshot Records and two coveres that The Veros made. The band also released an EP in 2002 but that one will be uploaded on a different occation.

Anyone who knows me know i love to pester people with this band and some poor US bands that wanted nothing more than to give me a demo to promote their band ended up with being forced to listening to this band over and over again. A friend from my old workplace even banned this record from his computer since i always used to put it on after a couple of beers. So yeah i sort of like this group and never understood why people never shared my passion for them.

Sound? Think Counterattack mixed with early Skrewdriver and a ton of handclapps.

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