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torsdag 18 april 2013

Deltron 3030 - St CD (2000)

Abstract rap from America
01. State of the nation (skit)
02. 3030
03. The fantabulous rap extravaganza (skit)
04. Things you can do
05. Positive contact
06. St. Catherine street (skit)
07. Virus
08. Upgrade
09. New coke (skit)
10. Mastermind
11. National movie review (skit)
12. Madness
13. Meet Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch (skit)
14. Time keeps on slipping
15. The news (skit)
16. Turbulence
17. The fantabulous rap extravaganza part II (skit)
18. Battlesong
19. Love story
20. Memory loss
21. The assman 640 speaks (skit)

Released by 75 ARK in 2000.

So straight from Oi! and 90's French RAC to..... huh?

When two misfits of the more obscure underground hiphop scene got together to make a sci-fi sideproject 13 years ago it resulted in this awesome little piece of audio that still stands the test of time. These days i don't really give a toss about hip hop and surpressed hate is nothing more than being nice when explaining the feelings i have towards this joke of a culture but back in the 90's and early 00's there was a certain sound that can speak to anyone with good taste in music.

The band consists of Del from band Hieroglyphics and later formed the band Gorillaz together with the singer from Blur. He stands for all the vocals while Dan The Automator who is something as wierd as a conservative asian hiphop producer makes all the beats.

The sound is abstact to say the least and not suitable for either MTV or the discos (which is what i like with it) and the real strenght lies in the theme and lyrics of the album (all delivered by Del with expertice). Think Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy meets Boys In The Hood meets Star Trek.

fan made video for Turbulence

Music video for Virus

Music video for Positive contact

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