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tisdag 16 april 2013

King Size Braces - Land of broken dreams CD (2000)

Oi!/Street punk from Canada
01. This One's For The Boys
02. Let's Get Pissed
03. Land Of Broken Dreams
04. My Neighborhood
05. Don't Turn Your Back
06. The Bond's Still Strong
07. Beer
08. These Same Streets
09. One Against The World
10. Friday Night - Saturday Night
11. Fallen heroes
12. Drink Till You Fuckin' Puke
13. Brotherhood
14. Born To Fail

Released by Squigtone Records in 2000.

If anyone should do Oi!-inspired street punk then the Canadians are the people to man that position. Time and time again this red and white country has proven that the genre can exist without becomming overly childish or "lucky 13" in itself. I am thinking about this band and bands like The New Breed and compared to their counterparts in the US the redwhiteandblue looks quite weak in comparison.
Born to fail is just one of those anthems you need from time to time when stuck in dead end jobs and traveling with smelly commons on the buss/train, just rise above and leave the gun at home.
If you enjoy then be sure to pick up the re-release by Working CLass Records that came out last year (the one with the awefull Vietnam cover).
King size braces - Land of broken dreams

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