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fredag 23 augusti 2013

Oi Polloi & All Out Attack - Unlimited Genocide LP (1986)

Crust/Hardcore from Scotland
01. A.O.A. - Murder in the woods
02. A.O.A. - For those who suffer
03. A.O.A. - All our anger
04. A.O.A. - Death on a plane
05. A.O.A. - Holy pypocrisy
06. A.O.A. - O.S.A.
07. A.O.A. - Aftermath
08. Oi Polloi - Go green
09. Oi Polloi - You cough, they profit
10. Oi Polloi - Punx or mice
11. Oi Polloi - Nuclear waste
12. Oi Polloi - The only release (broken file)
13. Oi Polloi - Apartheid stinx

Released by Children Of The Revolution Records in 1986.

Yes, you actually pay to ruin your health
While you suckers abuse your body
They're just making more wealth
(Oi Polloi - You cough, they profit)

A.O.A. goes way over my head with their screamo crusty bullshit but Oi Polloi always hits the spot.

Oi Polloi - Nuclear Waste

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